Driving Problems

December 16, 2009
In her first year of college, Tawnya doesn’t know how to drive. Seeing this as a downfall, she tells her mom that she is going to take Driver’s Ed this summer. In the following five weeks, she takes the Lawrence T bus to school until schools out.
When the summer starts, she breaks her right leg in the very first week. “You can not be driving!” says her orthopedic specialist. “That means your plans for the summer and Driver’s Ed is out of the question.” Not being able to do the first Driver’s Ed, she had nothing to do but wait till the second class. It took her three tries on the written section to pass the test to get her license that next month she was finally good, so she said by to her mom and went back to the Driver’s ed school and passed her picture test, and passed her driving test, so she went to her mom and asks” Can I have a car?” She is a greedy child, so she got the car. Then mom said, “Yeah, you go, girl.”

Mom, I think I want to get my drivers license this year. A few weeks later, sorry Tawnya but you broke your right leg so you will have to try next month to earn the car. So tawnya rested then actually passed her drivers Ed class that month. Then her mom said you go girl.

Drivers Ed? Nope a broken leg!

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miley said...
Apr. 8, 2010 at 8:57 pm
hey sorry girls and guys but i had a messtake in this poem
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