puppy trouble

December 16, 2009
Sophie Elizabeth Seyfried was in college. The blond haired, blue eye young woman had just started her sophomore year. Party in the U.S.A, she thinks as she answers her phone. “Sophie, could you come to the clinic today after school?” Her mother frantically asks from the other end of the line.
“Sure, mom, what do you what need me for?” Sophie twirls her hair in her fingers.
“I want you to help me clean and wash the puppies and their cages.” Her mom hesitates as she finishes. “They have made a mess! The clinic has been overflowing with patients today.”
“I love that idea, mom!”
four Hours later, the bell rings releasing her from class. Excited, I race home to put on a pair of jeans and tennis shoes and grab a snack before I go to the clinic.
“I hope she gets here soon,” mom tells her vet techs.
I run another block to our family clinic, and check in letting mom know that I arrived.
“How was your day at school, kiddo? By the way, be careful, your dad just painted the walls.”
“I had a good day today, so don’t worry about me. Where are the three cute little puppies so I can play with them?” I ask while looking around.
“They are in the other room.”
“Thanks, mom, I’ll let you know if I have any problems.”

Walking into the next, room Sophie started to gag. It stank so badly. Dog poop and pee was everywhere, all over the puppies and their cages. I don’t like this one bit! I wish I said no. this is absolutely disgusting!

Looking around, she located the pup shampoo, conditioner and some good smelling soap. She went to the sink and warmed up the water. As the water was warming, she went to get a squirming brown puppy; it was hard to pick up the dirty, slippery puppy because all the puppies wanted to get out. She took him/her over to the sink and started to scrub.
At that moment, her friends came in. “Hey, Sophie, what’s up? Do you need some help? Your mom called us. ” Kelsey, Sasha and Ramon asked in unison.
“Yeah, that would be great, thanks guys. How about Kelsey and Sasha go get the other two puppies? Ramon, will you please help me by washing their cage?”
“Sure, whatever” Ramon said and stomped off to the cage. The two girls grabbed the other puppies and started to clean them up. Ramon screamed and yells from down the hall. “I am not doing your dirty work! This is disgusting!”
Then the two girls scream in unison “The puppies are puking all over the place and this is getting really stinky.”
“I’ll go get my mom.” Sophie said running out of the room. “Hey, mom!”
“We are having trouble in here. The puppies are not staying still, and they have started puking all over the room.”
“Oh, great! I’ll be right in.”
Ramon, Kelsey, and Sasha are whispering to each other as Sophie comes back into the room. “Okay! Bye! See you at school, Sophie! Ha ha ha!” They say as they just up and leave.
“Mom, what do we do first?”
“We’ll we need tranquilize them to calm them down.”
Sophie’s mom gave them each a shot and they fall asleep. Sophie and her mom take the puppies into the bathroom and clean them up. They left the room and scoured the cage until it gleamed.
Sophie, now exhausted, walks outside to take a break where she sees Kelsey, Sasha and Raymond still chuckling leaning against the fence post by the street. “You are not my friends anymore!”
“We don’t hate you, Sophie, we just can’t handle you bossing us around like that. Besides, it really stank,. ” Said Sasha.
“Sophie, you do it all the time at school, and we’re sorry, but we need time alone, that’s all,” Raymond said.
“We’ll see you tomorrow, Sophie,” Said Kelsey.
Hearing her mom yelling, Sophie runs back inside.
“Mom, what’s the matter?”
“The puppies are weak. I am afraid one of them can’t eat, drink or walk. I will have to euthanize it. I’m sorry, Sophie,” mom said.
“I don’t understand why! Still balling out of control, Sophie continues, “Mom I can’t help you anymore. I just can’t stand seeing it get put down. I’m leaving.”

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