December 16, 2009
By , Manassas, VA
Today started out like any other day, except for the fact that I never made it to school. All I know is that I was suddenly looking down at my body…I noticed that my body was still, it was laying face down in my breakfast…I was dead. I watched helplessly as my mom came down stairs ready for work and found my body and cried. I watched as she called both the police and my father. I watched as the coroner took my body away and tried to diagnose what had killed my young, healthy body of 16. I was sad, terrified, and alone but still I watched and watched.
I didn’t know why, but I had figured that when you died that you went to heaven…or elsewhere. I had believed in spirits when I was alive but I never imagined that I would be one. I still watched and watched. I saw my funeral. I saw my family and friends weep over the loss of my life. After what felt like forever of thinking about what I knew about ghouls, spirits, and phantoms from watching and reading everything I could about my new “species.” I finally realized that spirits only remained because they had “unfinished business” but I don’t know what “business” I had to do. I watched and watched.
One day…at least I think it was a day. I was watching an ordinary day in the life of my little brother, who had recently celebrated his 14th birthday, and then it hit me I knew what I had to do. I had to bring the person who killed me to justice.
Then I remembered that the coroner had said I killed myself. I am positive I didn’t…I had to find a way to redeem my name. I tried as hard as I could, I tried getting people to become aware of my presence, and I tried to remember what I had felt minutes before I died. I knew I wasn’t able to talk or move earthly objects because I had tried; all I could do was watch. So, I watched and watched.
Eventually I began to forget everything: my name, my age, my family and friends. I began to fade away to nothing but a meaningless spirit that wonders the place where they died. I had nothing to do but watch and watch and this is all I will do for the rest of eternity, watch.

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