Not a Sound; Congratulations; Cheers

December 16, 2009
Nano- Not a Sound
Silence swiftly stabs the lively room.
Micro- Congratulations
“Congrats to the newly married couple.” Music and laughter ricochets against the home’s walls. They share a dance, a kiss or two, and not so innocently either, for she has kept herself ‘til this day. His eyes lose hers for a few too long, for he finds his wife stirring upstairs letting her secret fly.
Flash- Cheers

Dancing, hugs, kisses, and drinks are shared throughout the room. He grabs his new bride and escorts her to the dance floor. Sensual thoughts flood his mind as they glide along the floorboards. As the dance comes to an end, he shares a not so innocent kiss with her. Emotions and needs locked inside him for the two years he’s been with her. She, too, has kept her purity until this, the day she married.

Friends and guests pull the couple apart from their clutch. Not even listening to his dear aunt, he still feels the rush of energy for his beloved wife. For a quick and short escape from the crowd, he uses the bathroom as the safety room upstairs. As he walks out, a moan, a groan, a feeling he knows well. Following the noise to his niece’s bedroom, he peaks through the crack in the door, to find his wife tossing away her purity. No emotion to show, nothing left to say.

He walks back downstairs and calls for his wife. She comes rushing down the stairs. When she reaches the bottom, “Cheers to my wife!” he says. “The one I love.” They all sips they’re drinks and applaud.

“I love you,” she whispers. He gives her a smile and leaves a gentle kiss on her forehead. He makes his way upstairs, sits on the roof for some air, and uses the shingles as a runway. While he falls his way down, he looks up to find his bride, watching him go. No emotion to show, nothing left to say.

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