In the Rain

December 4, 2009
The rain was pouring down on my skin; my jacket soaked over my head. “Come on! What was I suppose to say?” I yelled into the endless rain. It was not use in trying to find her. I should have not said anything.

They day was over casted and gloomy. My friend Emily was coming over to talk to me. When she came her face looked sour and I couldn’t see her eyes at all. “What’s the matter,” I question. I gently try to lift her hood off her eyes. She snapped her hand in front of mine trying to stop it. It was too late because the hood flipped over to her back. I saw her face and my eyes looked in terror.

Her right eye was swollen and a leather belt mark was across her fore head leading to her right eye. She started to bawl; the tears barely making it out of her right eye. “It okay,” I said hugging her tight,” We’ll get help. Then your dad will never beat you again.” She shook her head repeatedly. Her dad had beaten her before and she was terrified of him.

I hadn’t notice that it started raining out side, until now when Emily walked up to the window. She shook her head one more time before saying,” You can’t tell anyone! Anyone!” She out the door into the rain in frustration, and acting as if we haven’t been though this before. Now here am standing in the rain calling her name. Only thing I can think about is that I shouldn’t of have said any thing at all.

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