December 2, 2009
By , Henderson, NV
The demons were closing in as the door splintered and broke! My team of elite sharpshooters stood silent as I pulled the lever into position! The time machine whirred as all of our bodies trembled. We arrived at 12/12/12 the date the universe would end. But it seemed that we had slipped forward in time instead of back! “What is this place?” Jane said warily. “Its 12/12/12 but forward in time instead of back?” said nick. This was supposed to be blood red skies and hawks flying overhead. But instead of that we were just floating in space time itself! Then suddenly a raspy voice filled the void. “Hello brethren, and oh! What do we have here? The demon angel himself eh? Satan will be very pleased when your head is on a silver platter!”
This was skuighith, the guardian of the abyss. His ruptured body started bleeding with excitement as he pulled a sword from his mouth. We were frightened with shock! But we couldn’t leave! The time machine was gone so we had to face it! We pulled our guns and fired. Bullets ripped through his body but they had no effect! “what is this thing?!” Jane yelled, but when she turned around the thing threw its ghastly sword as it sliced her to pieces! We were shocked at the strength this being had and we were more scared than before! Now only nick and I were left. The being was ready for attack as it pulled out two duel blades. It came toward us. Slowly but graciously.
Before we had time to react it threw the swords at us. I closed my eyes and prepared for the two swords but something else took them! His body lay on the ground writhing with pain but he pulled out a grenade and threw it. “Nick? Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the grenade exploded and it sent me flying back slamming into the wall! My face was burned to a crisp as blood came like Niagara Falls. I knew I was dead so I pulled out my sword and charged at skuighith. His body was lying facedown so I plunged into his body without even thinking of what would happen. The sword penetrated deep and I was satisfied, his “sword” was lying on the ground 5 paces away from him. But on closer examination I found it to be a scythe. Wearily I picked it up. Blood streamed from my face and body so I ripped the skin off with the scythe! I found black robes on the ground so I picked them up and wore them. I had become the grim reaper. Then the portal opened as many of the devils men came. With my scythe in hand I charged.

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