December 2, 2009
By BrookeWagner BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
BrookeWagner BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Beep! Beep! Beep! The noise was annoying and heart wrenching as I watched my grandfather’s heart rate intensely on the machine, in the small room. Although we’d been waiting for the Dr. for the past 30min. to tell us what the verdict of his diagnosis was, I wasn’t bored. I was the opposite every emotion in the world was racing in my thoughts they came out through my actions; I ran trough the door of the silent emotion-filled hospital room. I ran to sit on a chair in the waiting room; I grabbed a magazine and read. I had to get my mind off of things. I started to read. Id seen pictures that were gruesome, but not like these, I felt queasy as I remembered seeing my grandma in that detrimental car accident. I picked up a different one. I started reading until I heard my mane come over on the intercom, “Gabby, please come to room 302!! Room 302! Thank you!” I headed down the hall to see what the problem was. When I got there my mom said, “Gabby,” her eyes got watery, “grandpa has lung caner and we didn’t bring him here earlier there’s nothing the doctor can do.” I started to sob. My grandfather woke with all the noise. He asked us why we were crying and all we could say was, I’m sorry we didn’t see the agony in your eyes, sorry we didn’t come here sooner, and I’m sorry I didn’t save your sweet spirit. I regret everything that happened that day and if I would’ve saved him I wouldn’t be here…at his side, putting flowers on his gravestone.

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