the rail.

December 2, 2009
By , henderson, NV
I sat dazed staring at the three inch wide stair rail. It was going down a set of ten stairs. I stood up, still shaking, and I walked back up the stairs. As I walked back up I slid my board on the rail. It was smooth like butter. I walked back as far as possible. I picked up speed, I ollied up smoothly into a 50-50 grind, I made it to the end of the rail but on the drop I fell, but I rolled out unharmed. I walked back up, and got I tried again. This time I tried a nollie front crook down the right side. I made sure to straighten out my board this time on the landing. I just barely landed. I started to get the hang of the rail, but there was a small rail onto a ledge that dropped off into the street that I was itching to try. I tried the big rail one more time and this time I did my hardest trick. I did a nollie flip into a back nose slide. I landed hella sketchy. Now was the moment of truth. I was going to try this ledge. It was a ten foot drop. This thing was crazy. I got some speed and I did nollie nose grind on the rail. I did a small ollie off the ledge. I landed bolts. It hurt my legs a lot, but I still thought it was pretty sick. I was going to try it one more time, but I was going to tre-flip off. I walked back, got ready, and started. I did a nollie up on to the small rail and got my footing ready for this tre. I flipped it perfectly I caught it eight feet above the ground. All that was left was the landing. It felt like slow motion. I was ready. I felt the wheels collide with the ground. I bent my knees and recoiled. I rode away with out falling, or wobbling. It was perfect. I still look back at this feat, and wish I could do it again. I still skate the rail but its getting easier and more fun. it’s my favorite place to skate now.

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