Another Scary Story

December 2, 2009
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I hear a crackle of fallen leaves beneath my feet as I head towards my destination, home. My wristwatch’s beep which tells me it’s midnight. It’s seems very strange out tonight. I mean I’ve been out this late before. Usually I love the quiet so I can think and feel the light breeze, but tonight it is so unsettling. Then, suddenly, I hear a footstep behind me.

I quickly turn my body around, but the only thing I see is a black shadow several feet away on the sidewalk. My heart starts to pound rapidly as I try to calm myself. I tell myself, “Calm down Laura you are freaking yourself out!” I can’t help thinking this, though, my heart won’t believe me. I’d heard the saying listen to your heart, and this time it is a very wise decision. I wasn’t imagining it; out of the corner of my eye I see a man in all black is strolling behind me. I pick up my pace and so does he. I am correct in thinking he’s following me, and I put my hand in my pocket to pull out my phone. I am planning to call for help, but my phone is, of course, dead. He knows I am aware of his presence, so I decide to make a run for it. He is an incredibly fast runner because he almost has me. He reaches for my jacket. He grabs it, I trip, and I hit the concrete with a thud. My nose begins to bleed; he has me now.

I ask, “Why are you doing this to me?” He doesn’t answer just stares at me. My voice gets louder and I practically yell, “Why are you doing this to me!” I look down at the ground, and think to myself if he was going to kill he would have done it already. Wouldn’t he? I look up to expect to see his eye piercing me. All I see is the open air; the strange man is gone. I never saw him again.

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