Dream and Reality

December 1, 2009
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For years I have always been afraid of dreaming, my dreams always cast a shadow upon my future. My dreams show what I fear most, what I fear I am becoming, a vampire. It all started when I went to school, people always wonder why teenagers hate school. It was the second week of freshmen year, I got introuble, again, with my substitute teacher Mrs. McCarefree, how ironic. Something you should know about me, I am a bit of a trouble maker.

The yelling began, "Tiffany Alister, when I tell you to do something you do it, I expect you..." I have heard it all before, something about respect, learning, blah, blah, blah. I mean really how many times can every teacher give the exact same speech? Anyway back to the terrible day, This time, this time was really different, skeleton in the closet definatly applies here, litterally.

We all knew something weird was going on in Deadwood, South Dakota. People were started to disappear. Sadly, I was think of this when I saw someone pass by the window I was sitting next to. No, not someone, something, definatly male whatever it was. He, I mean, it looked right at me with midnight eyes. He had a smirk playing on his rocky lips, his finger bending, beckoning me toward him. I couldn't even control myself, I walked right out of the classroom as my teacher was still lecturing about me never listening, well that fits. I walked right out of Lead-Deadwood High, right into the shady, winter air.

The piercing cold shot me back into focus. Although, it was too late for me to do anything, I was already outside. Behind me there was a sharp crack, I spun around only to find that the thing that beckoned me was a boy. Not a normal boy though, he stared right into my eyes, still teasing me with that smirk on his lips.

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