The Fan Warrior

November 30, 2009
By Sara Anis BRONZE, Glendale, California
Sara Anis BRONZE, Glendale, California
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The Fan Warrior

The story all started long ago. There has been word of a new Fan Warrior being chosen. To become a Fan Warrior, you have to be chosen by the gods and council, you have to have the blood of the warrior, and you have to be a girl. This is the story of how I became the Fan Warrior.

RING RING... The alarm clock woke me at 7:03 AM, apparently I have slept through the first warning, usually I would have to wake up at 6:30 AM so I could get ready for school. Oh no SCHOOL, I was late! I had to leave the house as quickly as possible so I could be on the road by 7:20 AM. The clock already read 7:06 AM, I then quickly ran to the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my teeth, then ran to my room to get dressed. I quickly opened my closet to look for my school uniform. Oh no I forgot to wash it, it was still in the laundry basket. Not only would I be late but I would arrive with dirty clothes. This had detention written all over it. I grabbed my shoulder bag and ran out. But of course my belly was rumbling with hunger, so I ran inside again grabbed a Pop-Tart and put it in the toaster. I paused for a moment and looked at the clock 7:19 AM. Grabbed my Pop-Tart ate it quickly and washed it down with a glass of milk.

There were times like these that my parents were home to take me to school. My parents worked out of town, they left the house really early to make it to work on time. They worked for this really famous newspaper called The May Flower Press. They spent almost all there time out of the house and when they were at home they were really tired so they didn’t have time for silly things like taking me to school. But my parents did love me and my brother. Whenever I had performances at school they would always somehow find time to see me.

My Brother Ezra was nineteen he worked for a Car Dealership. He dropped out of college so he could help the family raise me, he made sure I was never alone. When he entered the kitchen he asked if I needed a ride to school.
“ No thanks Ezra, I was just on my way.” I didn’t like to trouble him, he already sacrificed so much for me, it just didn’t feel right.
“ Mckee I don’t mind really I don’t have work until nine.” Ezra argued
“ No really Ezra I am fine, I’ll see you after school, OK bye!” I gave him a quick hug and left.

That was my name Mckee, well really it was a nickname my real name is Katerina, but when I was little I was obsessed with Mickey Mouse, so I ended up with the name Mckee. I just turned fifteen last week, and got over the obsession a long time ago. Sometimes I even wondered if people knew my real name because they all call me by Mckee. It was fine by me, I felt that Katerina was bland and boring.

When I entered school I tried to cover the stain on my skirt so none of the teachers would see. I spotted my friends in an extremely long line and headed towards them.
“ Hey guys what’s this line for?”
“ Oh my god Mckee! Haven’t you heard? The Council of Hope is searching the whole country for the next Fan Warrior! Hurry get in line.”
“ Fan Warrior? What’s that? Some sort of play?” I replied
“ No silly, the Fan Warrior is chosen every 116 years she represents honor and bravery and protects this city from danger and is the ideal idol for all girls, I cant believe you’ve never hears now get in line Mckee!” she yelled till I had to be dragged.

The truth was I already knew who she was but never wanted to go try out. I thought it was a bad idea to pick one girl out of thousands and say “she is better than all of you.” The Fan Ceremony was easy all you had to do was stand in front of a group of “legendary people” state your name and age, then grab your fan show it to The Council and grab a sword that was supposed to be stuck in a boulder and only “ the fan warrior” could take it out.

I was last in line right after my friends, I looked at the group of girls outside the exit door crying and complaining to their parents how their hands were slippery and couldn’t get a good grip. I had enough I was going to leave but then the door opened and I saw my friends exit all looked down in deep depression, then a big man came out and signaled me to enter. As I entered The Council looked so tired and small. A small lady who wore big glasses told me I can start.
“UM... hi my name is Katerina but you could call me Mckee...”
“Katerina is what you will be called by I will not tolerate such silliness!”a tall man with black long hair said.
“Okay? Yah... I am fifteen and I am in the tenth grade.”
“Very well step up and show us your fan.” The small lady said
“OK” I stepped up showed my fan and went back.
“ This fan is wooden?”
“Yah it was handed down to me from my great grandmother.” I replied
“Fine please take your chance at the sword.”

I walked to the bid boulder on the side of the room and examined it closely. As I got closer to the boulder it seemed to glow brighter and brighter, this made me nervous. So I placed my hands on the sword then with all my might I pulled at the sword, no budge, then a second time, the same. I got frustrated and for a third time I used all my strength and pulled it out! I flew across the room and landed on my back. The Council Cheered and jumped up and down. They walked up towered me
like a group of children. When they stood in front of me one who I hadn’t seen before came in front all of them. She was tall and well fit, with strong legs and bright smile.
“ Well congratulations you have past the test, you are now the Fan Warrior.” She said
“ Do I have to?”
“ Why wouldn’t you ?” she questioned
“ I don’t think its a fair thing, it’s not right to say that one person is better than everyone.”
“ That is very noble of you but the ceremony is not like that, it is not on who is more skilled than others, the gods choose the fate, it is not our responsibility on how things turn out, you will soon find out that you are the only hope for these people. So to answer your question: Yes you must accept.”
“UM I guess I have no choice.”

And from that point on I spent many hours training and studying the way of the warriors, I came to love everything around me and learned that everything in life has a destiny and you are not in control of what happens in life.

The author's comments:
I have always told myself that I was going to write a book one day. I always came up with ideas for topics. The ideas were really good and interesting. But I never had the time. I also had a problem sticking to a commitment. It was hard for me so I never wanted to write again. But when I was looking for things to do for my writing project at school,it was obvious for me that this was my only chance to finish a story, this time it was easy for me because all I had to do was to create a fiction story about anything I wanted. So I just sat down and started writing. I wrote about The Fan Warrior because when I was a little girl my aunt had bought me a wooden fan from China town in Los Angeles. I thought it was so special that I began writing and drawing comics about the Fan Warrior but after a couple of days I got tired of it and quit. I thought it would be the perfect thing to catch up on. In The Fan Warrior my writing is modern and easy to understand. I think many teens would enjoy this short story because it’s like a beginning to a book. It explains how Mckee became the Fan Warrior but nothing after that so it would encourage me to write more about her in the future.

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on Jan. 13 2010 at 9:41 pm
NICE!! why dont you have more!

Amy!!!! said...
on Jan. 13 2010 at 9:36 pm
WOW! this iis nice. You should definatley write more but work on your grammar

Kathie _Crew said...
on Jan. 13 2010 at 9:34 pm
This story is really cool. I like the idea of a girl warrior


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