A Character Sketch: Easter Island

November 30, 2009
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He is a diminutive boy around the age of thirteen. He is about five feet three and in poor health. His oily black hair hangs limply down to his narrow shoulders. His dark brown, sad eyes portray the futility of his forlorn life. His mother and five siblings are dead leaving only his quick-tempered father to care for him. Haka’s limp is a reason for his father’s impatience. He tries to please the old man but never seems to be quick enough or good enough.

The gentle boy learns a dark secret about the village where he is despised because he is different. He learns how his family members perished and contrary to his weak physical disposition, Haka’s determination sets him on a journey to right an injustice. His bright and curious nature helps steer him to the truth despite his physical challenges. His discovery gives him renewed faith in his abilities to become a strong adult.

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