November 29, 2009
By Ayane BRONZE, Kerrville, Texas
Ayane BRONZE, Kerrville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Capitalism may distribute wealth unequally, but Socialism distributes poverty equally."

I had mortal power once; I was mortal. But no matter how good I was, no matter what I did, it was my sister who got the credit and the glory. She was worshipped while I was shoved into the shadows.

My right to command was only saved by my right of birth. Born to the royal family, I had a few underlings who would obey me or they would die. The villagers feared me and the courts were weary of me.

My sister found my pursuit for power annoying. When it became known to the court that my gifts were unnatural, their fear rose to a fevered pitch. Oh, how I can still taste their fear!

The snivelling roaches begged my sister to burn me, but that would be wrong. My merciful sister decided to send me to the farthest corner of my empire and gave me the title of Countess.

Countess! I think not. As my sister plotted my removal, I planned to claim the thrown. My thrown.

First I had to insure that the thrown would be mine now and forever. I spirited away a noble baby in the dead of nightl. At the height of the crimson moon and the utterance of an incantation. I exchanged the child's blood for immortality.

With that undertaken. I flew the the Grasthow woods to complete my domination. The villagers quickly discovered my ascension and came after me with fire and faith. As if that could stop me. Pathetic wretches!

I arrived and glided through gnarled trees till I came to a clearing devoid of green with a stone castle at its epicentre; a source of infinite power.

There I prepared a mixture that would bring forth an undefeatable darkness and take my throne by force. Regrettably, I made two minor miscalculations.

I did not know that the ones hunting me had a competent witch with them, as well as a draw back on my immortality. It turned out that on my seventh day of immortality they could use the spirit of the dead child to bind me to stone forever.

I was almost ready to commence my reighn when they caught me. I look back. By the strength of the stars, through the lifeblood of the earth and the power in my veins, I thought that fate was on my side. As it turns out, fate is merely a twist of luck.

The nets came from the shadows, whistiling like arrows. The villagers swarmed from the trees brandishing torches, knives, crosses- someone brought a pitchfork. Although I was drained from the spell I gave them a fight to tell on fearful nights. I fought hard. I refused to lose to such- filth. I smote many of my assailants. They only stopped me whent the witch came.

The witch was my sister. Impossible! My 'good', perfect sister had the poser of a god as weel. But, she chose to slog among ants and still had the nerve to fight me.

She caught me. My poor sister. She beged me to repent, to leave my 'evil' ways. Apparently, it would hurt her greatly to lose her only family. Humph. Whatever. I neither needed her lover nor her pity. I told her as such.

She felt sorry for me. I could see it in her eyes. My sister begged me one more time to reprent. I spat in her face for such insolence. I told her, "I hope you have a way to kill me or one day, I will return and kill all of you."

The villagers cried in fear but my sister did not so much as flinch. Solemnly, she opened a white book; its pages flutterning open. I was boedily dragged to the castle as my sister chanted. I was thrown inside and- knowing that this would be my last chance- I sprang for the door just as my sister's speel erected a barrier. I leapt back as my very blood burned. Prowling, I discovered that every possible exit had been bared. It did not take me long to discover how. When I sacrificed the child, the infant's blood had become mine and thus the barrrier was made from innocence. The strongest kind. I vowed to destroy them. To eradicate each and every surviving member of their bloodline. I swore to regain my thrown.

For them, the end of the world had been averted. All the villagers yelled in delight. My sister stood away from the shining glory. Suprise.

I watched as she stood there. Under a lone scraggly tree, she gazed at the sky. I lent on a grand window, careful not to touch the barrier and followed her gaze to the stars.

Stars; sparks of eternal light amongst the dark. Like me they will always be there. I watched the merry villagers leave before turning my back on them. I was half way across the room when my foot broke through a rotten board. I swore and in my anger blasted the floor. My anger was cooled only by the relization tha my powers still worked. Once the smoke cleared I relized that what I had discovered was a vast secret compartment. It was full of spell books, ingredients and many unheard of magical items. I lowered myself down to take a look.

Everything I needeed was here.

Holding a leather bound volume, I smile and then laughed. I laughed uncontrollably for a long time. They had thought they had won. They thought that I was gone forever. Foolish mortals. For one such as my self, forever is merely a long time.........

My patience of the ages has paid off. After five hundred years in my stone prison with nothing but the groans of the trees and the shrieks of the wind to fuel my hatred, I am freet at last and I-

Oh, so you have tracked me down at long last. Perfect. Now I have everything I need. Ah, you see it don't you? My little concotion.

Yes. I'm doing it again and this time I will succeed. No one will stop me for this is beyond halting. Are you going to warn your village? Are you going to run away little man? Good. Run away. Run awya and make the chase all the sweeter.

For now I am free and my power shall return to the stars to exlipse the world in an endless night. The sun is fading, and with it, the Haunt shall begin.

The author's comments:
This is an interior monolouge I wrote a few years ago as a class assighnment. I enjoyed writing it and it was alot of fun to find a picutre and write a story about what you think it conveys.

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