Life Beyond Life

November 29, 2009
By Allissa Younan BRONZE, Warwick, New York
Allissa Younan BRONZE, Warwick, New York
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My name? Well, I don’t really have a name, or not one that I know of. There isn’t very much I can say to help you understand me. Now, I could go into detail, describing how I came to be haunted by humans and stuck in this world between life and death. I could tell you everything about myself up until this point, but what I was before this is really unimportant. In fact, who I am is not nearly as important as what I do. My job, well, purpose is to free the souls of those who have passed on. I am not a punisher, nor a redeemer. I’m not even very sure what I am. I do know that one day, maybe sooner rather than later, I will be standing over your cold, hard body retrieving your soul. Rarely is it that I find ones who are standing up, ready for my coming, most lie there trapped in denial fighting to be left behind. Then there are the ones whose clocks are still ticking and yet they would do anything to stop them. I do not understand humanity. So much freedom, time and power and they can be ungrateful to want to throw that all away. Unfortunately for some, I do not have the power to choose when or how you go. I am merely a transport system, an overseer, to free your soul. For that split second as I let you go I can feel the true happiness, the relief and relaxation you feel as you continue on. What happens after I do this? Well you’ll have to wait and see, because the truth is that at some point everyone dies. I’m not here to sugarcoat death; yours may be slow and excruciating or quick and painless. It may be tomorrow or a month from now or in thirty years. But I myself have no way of knowing.

You may perceive me however you want, but before you make up your mind about me listen to some of my thoughts about you humans. Although you may think that most of my experiences with humanity are visiting those who have died, that is not the truth. I’m stuck here wandering around, watching, and waiting. I lead a very lonely life. Picture yourself sitting on the couch watching television your whole life. That is similar to what I do. I can’t get a job, fall in love and have kids or even friends. You humans are extremely lucky to have such opportunities. I can’t go anywhere else or see anything else but those troubled survivors. My life is basically living in a soap opera similar to one that you would watch on your television sets. I can see both the beauty and brutality of your lives. For someone who has encountered so much death and sadness, the worst part of my job is the survivors. I try so hard not to pay attention to those, the people who have been shocked and devastated by their loss.The common grey and depressing aura that lurks around them. So close your eyes and picture me in your head. What do you see? Someone scary? Or maybe someone just like you? I may not be that different then you.

I don’t think that you humans value everything you have. There is so much to see all around you, the little things that can be so inspiring. When I watch you I can almost feel the colors and see the smells. I experience things in ways that many of you could but choose not to. Through human eyes you may see a beautiful day as the sun shining, flowers blossoming, young kids playing in the park and big blue skies. When I look down and see that beautiful day I see brilliant baby blue skies and a radiant golden yellow sun that puts a bright blanket over everything beneath it. Each blade of grass has its own shade of green that glistens in the sunlight. The flowers dot the horizon with deep purples and bright pinks. I can almost see the ice blue aroma coming from an ice cream stand. A girl’s steady footsteps sound like a heartbeat or a ticking clock as she runs the path through the park. Everything around you is infused with unnoticed colors and sounds. So when you get a chance take a moment to look around, and really look, because you never know just when I may show up at your side and let you know that its time to leave this world behind.

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