child abuse is wrong

November 28, 2009
By Anonymous

A young girl cries during the night “No daddy please don’t I didn’t do it”. She pleads with her father but her father to drunk to realize what’s happening let alone know what he’s doing keeps on beating her. “Please daddy it wasn’t my fault mommy died it wasn’t anyone’s fault, please stop your hurting me. To this the father starts beating the child harder. After awhile her stops to go drink more and the child is left in a corner sobbing. “Please God when daddy gets home tomorrow don’t let him hit me.” The next morning she walked to school with the same clothes on as yesterday not had having time the day before to wash her clothes or take a bath. Her friends asked what had happened and why she had so many bruises. As usual she made up some stupid excuse as to why this kept happening. This time it was she had gone to go play paintball. The teacher wondered but she didn’t ask. When she got home she did her homework did her chores and fixed something to eat. That night when her father got home he started to get drunk. He went into the girl’s room to go and beat her like always. The neighbors heard but they turned out the lights. That night the father went too far. The little girl woke up in a place she didn’t recognize. There were people around her but most of them she didn’t know. She knew one person there; her mother. But that couldn’t be her mother was dead. She looked around and started crying for she had realized she had died.

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I don't mean to be harsh, but this could be a lot more detailed. It shows an unrealistic child's view of abuse. I was abused as a child, and many of my friends were as well, and it has to do with a lot of self guilt. I tend to suspend my belief that a child would actually know it wasn't her fault. But it's a good plot. Not bad.

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