December 15, 2009
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One fine day Becca and I were sitting in my living room watching T.V. I was sitting on the couch with my feet on the coffee table when all of a sudden a black fuzzy widow jumped out of no where and almost got my feet! I jumped and screamed, “Ah!” Then I threw the remote at it, jumped over the couch and took off.

Meanwhile, Becca was sitting across the room and started freaking out when I did and sat there yelling, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” We were both traumatized and didn’t know how to handle the situation. We creeped towards the table to look for the ferocious monster when it popped up again and we both jumped back.

“I don’t want to squish it with my shoe,” said Becca.
“Do it!” said I.
“Let’s use that fire poker,” said Becca.

Becca went to the fire place and grabbed the fire poker and took off after the beast! The beast was quick though and took off down under the table. Becca and I then moved the table but this witty spider went under the couch. We then had to move the couch and Becca went poking away at it.

“Get it!” I said.
“Ah” said Becca.

The fire poker wasn’t working that well so I had an idea to get a stool. First we tried using the stool legs and that didn’t work. Then I had another fantastic idea to turn the stool upside down and use the part you sit on.

“Squish it” yelled Becca.
“Got it” said I.

After it was dead we got another great idea. I know what you’re thinking. There are so many great ideas already how could we think of another one? Well that day was a good day for Becca and I and we thought of the idea of burning it to make sure it was dead.

“We’ve put it through so much torture it’ll come back and haunt us. Let’s burn it!” said I.
“Let’s take the fire scoop and take it outside.” said Becca.
“Yeah,” said I.

Becca took the scoop and picked the deadly spider up while I took off for some matches. When we got outside I lit it on fire and it burned. After we knew it was gone for good we went back inside and saw our disastrous living room just because of a little spider.

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