My Favortie Room.

December 15, 2009
By rebeccara BRONZE, Niotaze, Kansas
rebeccara BRONZE, Niotaze, Kansas
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“Good morning Honey!” as I stretched like a cat and looked at my pink alarm clock on my table stand. When I got out of bed and turned on my lamp, it was as bright as the sun. “How are you this morning?” said my husband. “Not wanting to go too work.” As I put my foot on the carpet I noticed a broken picture frame on my desk. I started walking into the bathroom as slow as a turtle, to get ready for work. After I got done in the bathroom I walked into my bedroom and went straight to my jewelry box like an arrow. First my wedding ring, then my necklace. “Where are my shoes?” as I yelled over the box like TV that was on AMTV. Then I remember the night before I kicked them off in the corner. I walked over to the TV and killed the power. “Wow” I thought to myself “There is a lot of dust on the screen.” I went back to the bathroom to get my clothes off the floor, than threw them in the hamper. I went to my desk chair, pulled it out and started putting on my shoes. “Awh, it’s a beautiful morning.” I said as I walked over to the window. I waved at my neighbor outside mowing the lawn. After I stood there and enjoyed the out doors I turned around and looked around my room like a lost puppy. My husband never made the bed I noticed so I figured I would. As I picked up the pillows I could smell my husband’s body wash. Then I yanked off the golden comforter and started pulling up our silky sheets. When I walked over on my husband’s side of the bed I cleaned up spilt water on the table stand from the night before. I turned off the ceiling fan when I was walking over to my oak dresser and fixed the misplaced picture. Our brown shaggy carpet felt like a Pomeranian’s mane, I thought to myself. “Don’t forget to turn off the TV!” yelled my husband from down stairs. I ignored him because it was already off. Before I walked out the bedroom door I spotted a Charolette’s Web in the corner of our room, looks like the maid hasn’t been doing her job. Slowly I closed the door, as I was listening to the Nascars driving by in the background.

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