December 15, 2009
By Jthacker BRONZE, Pineville, West Virginia
Jthacker BRONZE, Pineville, West Virginia
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When the Rich wage war, It is the poor that die.

George was alone in his box today. His only company were the tear drops rolling off of his skin. The rain was coming hard now, not like it was an hour ago. The smell of rotten eggs and feces rose from the resting at his nubbed legs. He peered at the water for a few seconds. He saw his reflection in the water. He thinks to himself “What has happened to me?” Slowly, George begins to relive some of the terrible events in his life. He remembers the day his parents kicked him out of their Venezuela home for “sucking too much”. That was the same day he decided to try his luck in New York City. He began his eight year journey by foot. But when he finally reached the city, he only weighed ninety four pounds, lost several toes to frostbite, and started experiencing odd cravings for pudding. Even now, he dreams of the luscious butterscotch, chocolate, and vanilla. Now, after all the pudding he has eaten over the years, George has gained a whopping 250 pounds of all fat. He even had to have his left leg and right arm taken off due to a lack of circulation. His other arm and leg, however, were taken off due to George’s lack of money. He couldn’t pay the doctors, so when he needed surgery, they took his remaining limbs.

Slowly, George peers at his feat before him. The ladder out of the sewers seemed a tremendous climb, and for George, it was. He had to successfully bite every step of the ladder while his nubbed legs pinched onto his cow dung and stick wheelchair. The climb took him only two minutes, but for him, it lasted for ever. When he reached the manhole, he tossed up his wheelchair and then pelvic thrusts his way into it. He gathers a quick glance at his surroundings, then turn around to see that a truck is speeding towards him. Then, in an instant, the truck strikes his face and he goes rolling backwards. However, since George has now feeling in his face, he feels nothing. Yet, George decides, since there is immense bleeding, he should make his way to the hospital.

When George arrives in the ER, there is only a table spoon of blood left making the trip around his body. He is only kept alive by the fact that the blood doesn’t have to make a long trip to reach his heart again. The nurse tending to him looks at him and with a quick shriek yells “AHH!”

“Yea, I get that a lot,” replies George.

The nurse gives George a curt nod and then proceeds to her next patient. George looks to his left to see a fellow patient lying on the bed peacefully. He becomes instantly jealous of his arms and legs and then begins to dream of ripping them off with teeth and claiming them for his own. But, George then realizes his teeth are too rotten and wouldn’t hold up in the fight.

After a few minutes time, the nurse returns to his room to put him under for his operation. George quickly complies and then falls fast asleep.

Several hours later, George awakens to a very startling surprise. The wrong operation had been performed on him! Instead of fixing the gaping whole in his head, the doctors had attached toes to all four nubs on his body. He even could move them! He stared in astonishment at his new digits and was very eager to see what they could do. So, he thrusts from his bed and then quickly tries to grab the door handle to exit. However, George is off by several feet and fails to grab the handle to the door, and is stuck inside the room. He looks up from his back and sees the ceiling above him. He ponders to himself for minute then comes up with a brilliant idea. He decides that he is going to escape this “prison” by climbing through the ventilation system located mere inches above the paneling.

A few seconds later, his plan is under way. He thrusts his weight back onto his bed and then looks for an easy way to reach the ceiling. He ganders around the room with hope to find something tall enough for him to reach it. In a matter of seconds, George spots the EKG machine and throws himself a top it with a powerful thrust. Then, he reaches up with his “fingers” and plucks a ceiling panel away from the rest and climbs up into the shaft.

It is pitch black with in the small metal ventilation system. It smells of old people and medicine. The only thing George can hear in the small whoosh of a fan off in the distance. The feel of the metal is cold on his new toes. He wants to turn back, but he can’t. After he is gone the nurse comes into the room. She shakes her head and turns around. He can tell she didn’t care. So, he continues forth. He makes it a few feet before he has to start upwards. And so, with the fearsome might of his toes, he pushes his way upward. Then, at the top of his climb, there was a sudden drop. George fell for a solid 10 seconds straight down. At the end of his fall, George was at the very bottom of the hospital, the morgue.

It smelled of corpses. He looked around and saw no one. That was a good sign for George. It would make is escape easier. He stays low to the ground to try to stay out of sight of anyone that may come in. It’s not hard for a man with only half his body. He crawls quickly towards a wall. It’s covered with the boxes that the mortician leaves his cadavers in. He gets to close for comfort. The aroma of the bodies slowly creeps its way into his nose. He jumps back as quickly as he can to avoid any sickness that may come. Then, as fast as he could move, George crawls out of the room and into the nearest elevator.

George peers at the solid metal walls. He tries to reach the handle, but is beyond way to short. So, he lies in the floor out of sight. However, a few moments later, the door opens with the classic ding and George immediately fears he is caught. He holds his breath with anticipation. He waits for what seemed to be hours, and no one came through the door.

“They must have taken the stairs,” whispers George.

With no second thought, George rethinks his plan. He decides to climb up the elevator shaft to get back in to the ventilation. He leaps to the nearest foot hold and then springs himself out of the top of the elevator. It’s moving incredibly fast. He is nearing the top of the shaft at an incredible rate. As quickly as he could move, he makes a daring leap of the side of the elevator. He grabs the nearest wall he can find. Luckily, he finds a place to hold on to, and pulls him self up. He is only a few feet from the door to the outside, the roof. So, with all of the strength he can muster, George begins his ascent to the door.

Outside, he hears the ruckus in the streets. Car horns blowing. People shouting. Street performers playing music. He crawls as quickly as he can to the nearest wall. It’s a long way down. George guesses about 210 ft. He knows he can’t survive a fall from that distance. So he decides to try a climb down. He leaps over the side with one last pelvic thrust, misses his grip, and falls to the street below.

George opens his eyes. With all of the terror that has just faced him, he has messed his pants. He fell into dumpster filled with old hospital pillows. He had been cut a break. So, with adrenaline running through his tiny body, gets out of the dumpster and lands back onto the street. He looks back at the hospital, and then starts his way back home yelling “FREEDOM”. But as fast as he can turn, the same truck that hit him the first time meets his face again.

George wakes up in his same hospital bed with the same nurse. However, something is different. They took his toes back!

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