The Boy who Moved in Next Door

December 15, 2009
By , Colgate, WI
The schism of the junior class was made between the jocks and the geeks. While walking into the cafeteria, I saw the geeks, with their glasses and pocket protectors, and the jocks wearing their letterman’s jacket and smirking, sitting with their girlfriends by their sides. Chris is the captain of our varsity football team. One look from Chris can make Jeffery, smartest kid in the junior class, timorous. But to the girls of the junior class, he’s has a flamboyant smile and sense of style. And to me, he’s no more important than the number two pencil I used to take my English exam last hour. Merely used and will have a truncated season of being captain before being replaced next football season.

After three ostentatious attempts to be voted president of the student body, Chris had no emotion near jaunty. Last summer Chris’ family moved into the house next to mine. We talked in the morning and took walks while the sun was rising. To me, Chris was an ideal friend. Spending time with him was my utopia. A year went by and we talk one Saturday morning out of the month. With the new friends he made when school started, he doesn’t have the time to spare like he used to. I try not to be fractious. It is his decision. My memories of Chris will be expunged from my memory throughout the next year. If he knew how I felt about him, maybe my family could stay in Harrowsburg until after I graduate. But the schism in my parent’s marriage persists in my move to Arlington. Although it is solely six hours away, I will move on. And so will Chris. He will not be an anathema, but merely a dream of what I have lost. And I am looking forward to in my new life. Similar to the life he created when he moved into the house next to mine.

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