Bo Houston

December 15, 2009
By the-ethan BRONZE, Smithville, Missouri
the-ethan BRONZE, Smithville, Missouri
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"Live like you were dying"

Bo Houston loves to race. Bo races his drag car almost every weekend. He also has a dirt track car that he races occasionally. Bo isn’t a professional drag racer but would like to become one in the future.

Bo is 25 years old and owns his own custom car shop. He also has a wife named Victoria and a little boy named Ricky. Both of them support Bo a lot with his racing passion. They are going to be with him this weekend at Heartland Park in Topeka Kansas. There is a BIG drag racing competition there so Bo has been busy making sure his car is perfect for the races. He heard that there is going to be a man there that is going to pock who he thinks has the most talent to be on a drag race team.

Friday rolled around and Bo was loading his car up in the trailer to take it to Heartland Park. He lives in Kansas City so the drive wouldn’t be all that long. Bo had to be there the day before the races so he can register his car and make any last minute adjustments to the car. Everyone got one test run down the track to make sure that everything was perfect.

After registering the car he went straight to his spot in the pits to start getting it ready for his test run. His test run was scheduled for 5:00 p.m. So Bo went over everything on the car like he always does before a race. Making sure every little thing was perfect. Finally 5:00 was here and it was test run time.

He made his way to the track and before he lined up he did a big burnout to warm up his tires. Bo pulled up to the line and took a few good deep breathes. He just stared at the Christmas tree concentrating on the lights. The green light lit up, Bo dumped the clutch, stomped on the gas, flew through the gears. He made it down the track with his best time ever, 8.37 Seconds. Bo was extremely happy with his new time and was pumped for tomorrow so he can hopefully impress the scout looking for a driver.

It was a cool Saturday morning; Bo woke up early to go over his car before the tournament started for the day. Victoria made him his favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy. She won’t let him race on an empty stomach. Little Ricky was representing with a racing t-shirt with Bo’s drag car on it. Ricky got biscuits and gravy all over his shirt when he was eating.

All of the drivers had to be in a safety meeting at 7:30 a.m. The Park has to do this to make sure that everyone knows what to do in a tragedy such as a fire or wreck. After the meeting the racing was on! All of the cars started lining up one after another going down the track. Bo won his first race of course and the three after that as well. Bo was doing awesome all day until his fifth race. He was racing against Jack Robby; Jack has a car that is built really close to Bo’s car. So Bo was a little worried he might not win, but when the Christmas tree lit up green Bo got a better start than Jack and was ahead of him all the way down the track. Since he won that race, Bo’s next race was for first place.

Everyone was watching the last race for first place. Bo was up against Dale Johnson. For some reason he wasn’t worried at all, something told him he had this thing in the bag. They both lined up, the tree turned green and they were gone. With the blink of an eye both of them went down the track. It was close but Bo won by .23 seconds. Everyone was cheering, Victoria and Ricky met him back at the pits, as well as the scout. His name was Phill Rousch, he told Bo that he wanted him to be on his new team he was putting together, and that wasn’t all. Phill also gave him a check for 2 million dollars for winning the race that day. Bo jumped in the air screaming and hollering with excitement.

With the two million dollars Bo built a new shop at his house for his three new drag cars that Pill bought for him, so he can have a place to work on them. He also made sure he put some money away for college for his son Ricky. Phill also bought a big bus for Bo and his family so they can travel with him.

Bo went on to have three more kids with Victoria. Ricky followed in his dads footsteps and became a very famous drag car driver along with his three younger sisters. Bo raced for about 25 years until he passed away in a tragic drag race accident. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest drag car drivers of all time.

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