Shape Shifter

December 15, 2009
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Shape shifting, easy enough to understand...right? the action of transforming-like a shape shifter. like play-doh or clay...molding to whatever you want or need it to be. but what about people? can they become shapeshifters?

I don't mean they have somesuper power or unnatural ability..nothing like that. I mean those who change themselves for others. Change their apperance, likes, dislikes, attitude, etc. They change on the inside and out...does that mean the same as shape shifting?

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that "immitation is suicide". meaning imitation [conformity] means giving up a piece or all of who you are, which ends up "killing" you-your induviduality. making those changes for the best or worst...only you could know, maybe not right away but only you know. is that so wrong?

there are so many different answers-situations-explanations; that again, only you know. but my only question is why? why do some feel the need to change?

-i have no idea.

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