Stupid Conflicts

December 14, 2009
By *~*E.F*~* BRONZE, Cambridge, Other
*~*E.F*~* BRONZE, Cambridge, Other
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Betrayal is the moment you realise someone you care about and trust turn their back on you. When you suddenly realise your friends aren’t really your friends and everything they did was just a build to the final blow. It’s the build of small attacks to the drop of the final nuclear life-ending bomb. The feel of betrayal is a heart wrenching sadness and violent, raging anger that consumes your whole body and being. When feeling these things it’s as if you are in a tunnel with no light, no hope and with pure frustration, and the feeling of helplessness. Betrayal is that sinking feeling of regret. Regretting your choices and regretting the main choice of letting anyone in. Into your heart and into your life.

Anger struck her with violent flares of heat. You could see in her eyes the immense amount of pure hatred she felt at that moment. She usually loved her friends but in that short moment they struck a chord with her that was most unpleasant. She knew she hadn’t done anything wrong. However, they kept making her believe she had. That she was a terrible person who needed to see the error in her ways but there was no error. Well, no error on her part. She didn’t know what had set her friends off or what caused them to go against her but she did know that she needed to have better choices in friends, better choices period. What this girl had done was talk to her other friends a harmless Truth or Dare game. She hadn’t mentioned what everyone else at the party had done, just her. So, why would Alice and Mandy care? It had nothing to do with them and plus, she had only told Jessie and Jean! Those two were hardly anyone to worry about. She couldn’t stop thinking “what friends Alice and Mandy turned out to be!” Everyone knew Ricky never took orders, she made orders. Even Alice and Mandy should’ve known that by now!
Now that Ricky looked back on the situation all she could do was laugh. What a stupid reason to get mad at each other. Even when she and her friends had thought they had grown up and all of them denied they caused drama, they were wrong. The truth is nobody really grows up and everyone, despite what they say, causes drama. People are people we all make mistakes and have conflicts even if they are over a stupid little game like Truth or Dare.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was in a fight with my friends. After we had been mad at eachother for a good long time I realised the fight was just stupid. I hope for people to read this and realise that sometimes things are just stupid and you need to accept it and get over it.

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