country girls

December 14, 2009
Having been touring with not only my three best friends but also our moms and my six year-old sisters Lacy and Claire. For instance the youngest members of our family, are currently coloring, getting more on the table than on the page. This is my crazy, hectic, magical life I wouldn’t trade anything for and I am glad to share it with out. Well, I guess I better start at the beginning when this crazy adventure began we were only seven. We met at school and began singing together at recess. Soon we were performing for anyone who would listen and calling our little band Country Girls. At age thirteen we were discovered during songwriter’s night at the legendary Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville, TN. We began preparing for our first CD, which would end up taking a year as our moms insisted we finish our 8th grade year at our public school. When we weren’t in school we were together working on the album. At last during that summer we put the finishing touches on and began the process of getting the word out. Eventually our music caught on and we were surprised when a famous country singer, Rosalie Woodshed asked us to be her opening act. We agreed and soon we were on the road with four teenagers, their mothers, and of my baby sister Claire Elizabeth Walters. Now were headlining our own tour and our lives full. We love this life and when asked if we would have done a single thing different I say no. After all I have been working my whole life at this I don’t ever want it to change.

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