December 17, 2009
By nickbengal BRONZE, Liberty Twp., Ohio
nickbengal BRONZE, Liberty Twp., Ohio
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“I will never forget the day I almost lost my life,” advised John talking to his friends. “It all started on that nice sunny morning.”

“Hey John, nice day today.”

“Ya, what job we got today?

“Putting the beams in.”

John's occupation is a construction worker for housing. He's still young and still trying to impress to get that promotion that he wants. That's what causes IT to happen.

It was a great, sunny morning to start off a Monday. As John gets to the work site, his fellow workers are ready to go. He asks them why they they were chipper and ready to go. They told him that they got the most interesting job to do. Build the support beams and put them in place. Unfortunately, this was the most dangerous job of the whole operation. But on the other hand, this gave him a chance to show them what he had.

As usual, the beginning of construction started on time. John and his co-workers have to wait for about an hour to let the other workers build the foundation. During that time, John had a lot of time to think about what he was about to do. This greatly affected his confidence because he knew that if he messed up, he could die. As he was thinking, it was now time to do his job. They started out smoothly going right through there assignments. John was extremely hard at work along with his other workers. They kept the pace for about 2 hours until their lunch break. They all came down from the building happy with where they were. They had come out ahead of schedule and have been safe. However, the dangerous part hasn't begun yet. They still had to put in more support beams while the building was unstable.

Lunch was over and John and the workers got back to work. Their work started off a little sloppy and they had to re-do a couple beams. John was starting to get a little agitated with his workers fearing it would give him a bad reputation. This is when disaster struck. As one of the beams became loose, John tried to haul it by himself. These beams weigh over 300 pounds, obviously too heavy for even a grown man to handle. This in turn caused the collapse of part of the building. For the crew, they all got out safety. All but one. John. John was still pinned under the enormous beams once supporting the building. The construction crew immediately calls 911. As emergency officials arrived, the mood of the workers becomes depressed. They believe that no human being can withstand the enormous weight of the gigantic beams. Regardless, they keep on looking.

The emergency officials that arrived on the scene brought a huge load of tools. They brought axes, hammers, saws, you name it. There was just a huge frenzy to get John out. Things were starting to look a little bleak, however, because they had gone through the rubble 3 times now and had came up with nothing. It was never said but people were now expecting a dead body rather than a live one. Finally, the chief of the search and rescue came up to the boss of the construction company and told him that they would make one final search. The boss agreed that that would be the right thing to do considering the circumstances. The boss contacted John's family and they told them that they would be there as soon as possible.

The emergency officials started their final search. People were desperately trying to find him alive. A half-hour went by and they found nothing. Some people had just given up hope of finding him alive. But just as they were about to leave, a search and rescue worker heard a faint, metallic, noise. He didn't think of it at first, but then thought about how that noise would be made. He brought another worker over and asked him about the noise. He thought it was weird too. They brought everyone over and they decided to start sawing towards it. They just kept sawing and sawing. Every once in a while they would stop sawing and listen for the noise and it was always there. They sawed for almost an hour and a half. And then the miracle happened. They found John alive and talking. They rushed him to a local hospital where he obviously stayed for the night. News reporters were all over the story. They all wanted interviews with John.

When he woke up the following morning, he told everyone of his unforgettable ordeal. He told them that he found a scrap piece of metal and just hit a pole as loud as he could. He couldn't believe that saved his life.

“I won't ever forget the day I almost became history.” explained John. “It was the most extraordinary and terrifying day of my life for two reasons. I almost died but found a way to survive. That is why I will go finish up the job tomorrow.”

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