The Fire

December 13, 2009
By aja101 BRONZE, Middlesex, North Carolina
aja101 BRONZE, Middlesex, North Carolina
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“Bye mom, bye dad” Kaylee said rushing down the stairs and out the door. She was ready to get to Lacy’s house because her, Lacy, and April were all going to the mall. When she got to Lacy’s house April was already there. They got in Kaylee’s car and left. When they got to the mall all the girls were really hungry. So they went to the food court. They got there food and sat down and they noticed theses three guys looking at them.

Kaylee looked at Lacy and April and smiled, they smiled back then smiled at the guys. So the guys got up and came over. One of them said “Hey im Colby and these are my friends Jack and Taylor.” “Hi” said Kaylee “ I’m Kaylee and this is Lacy and April.” “Hi” they both said. Then Colby said “Do yall mind if we sit with you.” “No” Kaylee said. “Please sit” she smiled. The guys sat down and they all started talking. After they finished eating they shopped for two or three hours until the girls had to go.

“Wait” Colby said. “I wanna see you again.” “Oh! Well I wanna see you again to” said Kaylee. So they talked and all agreed to go out to dinner the next night. Kaylee gave Colby her number and address and Colby said they would be there around five tomorrow afternoon. Lacy and April called there moms to see if they could stay with Kaylee that night and they said yes so the girls went back to Kaylee’s. They were so excited they couldn’t sleep. When morning finally came the girls started getting ready. They went shopping for new dresses and got there hair and nails done. The boys got to Kaylee’s around five just like Colby said and when the girls came outside the boys were in shock the girls looked beautiful!

They got in Colby’s car and went to the restaurant. When they got there they ordered and started talking then all of a sudden someone yelled “FIRE!”. Immediately Colby grabbed Kaylee’s arm and said “I’ve got to get you out of here.” Everyone ran to the door but it was locked and the exit door was jammed. There was no was out ! Colby tried to break down the door but he couldn’t. Coco turned around “OH MY GOD” she screamed “APRIL” April and Jack were dead. Too much smoke ! Lacy and Taylor could barley breath but they were trying and Taylor‘s right arm was singed.

Finally Colby was able to break a window. He threw Kaylee out of it and then got Taylor and Lacy. A ambulance was already there so Colby helped Taylor and Lacy in it. He told the doctors he would meet them at the hospital. Kaylee got in Colby’s car and they drove to the hospital. Kaylee was so scared, she had already lost two friends she didn’t want to lose two more but when they got to the hospital it was too late. Lacy and Taylor died. To much smoke and lots of burns. Kaylee dropped to her knees and cried she didn’t know what to do.

About a hour later she and Colby heard there weren’t many survivor. Just five people. Colby took Kaylee home and asked if her could stay with her for a little while. Her parents said sure so they both went and sat on the couch. Kaylee was so upset. She looked up at Colby and said “ I cant believe this happened.” “Neither can I” he said. “We have to figure out who started that fire and send them away for a long time! April, Taylor, Lacy, and Jack deserve that” he said. “Yea” Kaylee said in agreement. “I’m really gonna miss those guys. I’ve known them since I was two years old. There like my brothers.” “Same with me, Lacy, and April.” Kaylee said as she started crying again. Colby tried to calm her down.

“It’s gonna be alright” he said. “Were gonna find out who did it and then were gonna have a beautiful funeral for all of them and every day on this date until we die were gonna celebrate there lives.” “Okay” said Kaylee “Hey, um, do you think you could stay here tonight. I don’t want to be alone. I mean I know my parents are here but I’d like you to stay here to if you don’t mind.” “Sure” he said “let me call my mom and let her know though. Okay.” “Alright” Kaylee said. “I’m gonna go get ready for bed and then I’ll be back down”. Colby went outside and called his mom and she said that was fine with her and when he came back inside Coco was sitting on the couch watching a video of her, Lacy, and April.

Colby sat down and put his arm around her. They both cried. “Wait” Colby said. “I’m gonna run home real quick and get some videos I have of me, Jack, and Taylor. Do you wanna come?” “yea” she said “let me go tell my mom though.” Her mom said okay and they left. After they got the videos Kaylee asked Colby to ride past the restaurant. He was in shock. He didn’t thinks he would ever want to go back there. He knew he didn’t but he said okay.

When they got there Kaylee started crying and so did Colby. It had only been a few hours since the horrible incident. All you could see where ashes. The firemen had already cleared away all the bodies. Kaylee looked at Colby and said “I cant stay here anymore but maybe we can come back tomorrow and see if we see anything.” “Okay” said Colby. So they got in the car and went back to Kaylee’s house. They knew they wouldn’t be able to sleep so they stayed up all night watching videos of April, Lacy, Jack, and Taylor. Finally they both feel asleep.

When they woke up Kaylee’s mom was in the kitchen cooking. Kaylee went in there and her mom hugged her “how are you doing darling?”. “I don’t know I’m hurt and upset.” she said “I just really miss them. Just then Colby walked in “ Um hi Mrs. June. “Hi Colby” she said “nice to see you again. I’m glad you stayed last night. Your gonna be a big help to Coco these next few days. They’ll be the worst then it’ll get easier to live without them.” RING RING went the phone.

“Hello” said Mrs. June “Yes I’m Kaylee’s mom. Oh you did ! Oh okay. Thanks for calling. Yes, yes. Okay bye.” “Who was that ?” asked Kaylee. “ It was the police” said Mrs. June “ they found out who started the fire” “Who ? “ asked Kaylee “ The cook. He was smoking a cigarette and he didn’t put it out all the way. He threw it down near some oil which caught on fire and then the whole place was up in flames. “ Mrs. June said. “ Is he going to jail” asked Colby. “Yes” Mrs. June said. “For a long time because he murdered all those people” “When’s his trial?” asked Kaylee. “ Oh honey I don’t know I didn’t ask and he didn’t say but hes coming down here later on this afternoon to talk to you and Colby.” “Okay” Kaylee said. So the police came and the cook got one-hundred years to life.

Its been about ten years now Kaylee and Colby are married and living a wonderful life together. They surmounted this obstacle and now have two daughters and two sons named April, Jack, Lacy, and Taylor. They’ve told there kids the story of there wonderful friends and the reason there named after then and also like Colby said ever year on that date they celebrate the lives of there wonderful friends.

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