December 13, 2009
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I'm sitting on a log in the middle of a forest. My eyes are closed and I'm breathing deeply. Each breath brings a new scent into my nostrils: Spruce, Pine, Mint, and that damp smell that's only there during or after rain has fallen. At this present time, rain is falling. I stand up, keeping my eyes closed, and tilt my head up to the sky while I raise and outstretch my arms. I can feel the tiny, cold droplets as they merrily stream down onto my face and body. Their cool embrace washes over my body over and over again. I open my eyes, and up above I can see the dark swirls of greys and blacks that make up the sky, and the trees gracefully dancing and twisting in the wind. I slowly close my eyes again, and listen to the whistling of the wind rushing through the treetops accompanies by the steady pitter-patter of the falling rain. I feel the wind race towards me and make my hair whirl and twirl around my face as I spin faster and faster.The ground underneath me is soggy, and I can feel the rich soil squish between the toes of my bare feet as they dance in circles. By now I'm soaking wet, my hair and clothes dripping. A tap on my shoulder accompanied by the sound of a cracking twig makes me stop my rotation, only to be face to face with my biology teacher. With a sudden sense of dread, the shapes of my classroom come into view, one by one, and the forest quickly dissolves into a vapor in the back of my mind. And I realize that none of it ever happened, it was all just a daydream.

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