Mystic Breeze Ch.3

December 6, 2009
By kaegrly GOLD, Battle Creek, Michigan
kaegrly GOLD, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Ch.3 the First Good Bye

When I realized what had happened between me and Tanner, I just breathed in his wonderful scent that filled me with happiness. He was extremely warm against my skin. He started moving and looked at me.
“Hey babe, how you feeling?” he asked with the most adorable smirk across his face. He was gorgeous. We were still on that futon that we... yeah on.
“Yes! I am probably feeling better than I ever have, magic boy.” I was giggling like crazy.
“Hmm. Should I trust you,” he was chuckling. Still smiling, he said, “I love you.” Wow. I had that expression on my face and it probably looked stupid on me to, but I didn’t care all that much. I was so taken by this; that someone other than family had loved me.
I felt it coming, “I love you, too!” it had just spilled and even though I meant it, I wasn’t entirely sure I believed myself. But he did because he just tilted his head back and sighed with happiness. I was extremely happy for the first time since my mother’s diagnosis had been made. But I started thinking about what I had to say to him when I knew I wouldn’t see him for a long time.
***** ***** ***** ***** *****
In the ride home in Tanner’s 1962 Chevy 4x4, we were closer than ever I felt. But, I felt awful. It was actually kind of chilly out tonight. So I was shivering over on my side of the truck. There was just something going on at the time, like I was changing, but nothing to less I was clod as hell.
“Hey Zan, if your cold then come here. I’m registering pretty damn hot over here. And I also have something to tell you, too.” He said this trying to be funny and serious. However his serious side was more open than I thought it should be. So when I skid across the seat, he was warm.
“What’s going on Tanner? Like I mean what do you need to tell me?” I asked nuzzling into his caress in his chest and forearm.
“I’m going through changes. It’s kind of complicated but you need to know. I am from a long generation of hybrids. Hybrids from animals like Wolves, Kodiak Bears, and other sorts of powerful forest mammals. I have had this capable “Transformed” figure since I was born and it only hits certain generations of my family.” I just was quiet for a little while. I guess I was thankful for living with my “special powers but I was going to let him finish his story before I told him what was going on with me. “I have had not known of all this until last week when I was constantly calling you. I wanted to tell you so badly, to let you know what had happened and that’s when Issby told me what happened with your mom. Babe I am so sorry for what had happened but just please note that she is in a better place now.”
We were both quiet for a very long time. I was in his free arm while he drove. He was so warm and almost smelled like a pine tree, and let me tell you I have never craved as so much as to camp ever in my life. I was going to tell him right then and there when I said, “T.J. I need you too pull over to the side of the road. I have to show you something.”
“Umm… okay but why do I have to pull over?”
“Because I don’t want to damage tundra!” that was what he had named this old truck of his. I loved that name because it suited the truck so well.
“Okay?” he said, as a hesitant question. But he pulled over to the cut out in the road and got out, walking around to open the door for me. I got out and walked into the patch of dead trees where I know he could still see me as well as I did of him. I the look of serious question across his face, and that’s when I showed him. It took him by surprise. I could obviously tell this by the face he made. His glowing blue eyes, wait glowing! He was the one that was on my roof! But his eyes were huge and his mouth was open in that ‘what the hell just happened' look?’
I had jumped up approximately 70 or 80 sum odd feet up in the air and when I came back down I was not only glowing but I had completely changed colors, I looked like the sky, and had spikes that had emerged from me. When I was about to explain to him the other half of what I could do when he came up to me and ran his fingers along some of the spikes that came from my arms.
“I’m like a chameleon with lots of where this came from. I can change into any thing. Like a can shape shift, blend in with the objects around me, be a weapon; huh obviously by my spikes, and I am also psychic. I can read most of every living things mind and read their auras and tell when someone did something t them mentally and physically.”
“Umm, wow Zan, that’s like really cool. When did you know you could do this? Like how long is what I meant?” he asked
“Well I suppose I noticed when I was in Akron, Ohio, that one summer when I was with you for the break. You remember we were like 8th graders. That one descended tribal lady for the welkins Indian tribe, showed me the pure power inside of me. And I don’t know, it just grew and grew. She said it was because of all the love around me and stuff.”
“Well I think it’s so amazing that you can do this. But if you don’t mind, can you like power down or reconnect with yourself so I can kiss you, please??” he said this in such a sarcastic goofball way that I almost laughed at it. When I changed back, I practically fell into him from so much of my energy being drained. But he kissed me and I could tell he didn’t care what happened and how I was. And I loved him even more. It had to be occward seeing this from another view, but luckily there was no cars going bye.
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
When we got back in the truck, we were all close and stuff, big surprise I know. But we just drove, taking in each others presence and just in complete silent apart the fact I could hear his heart as I lay my head across his chest. When we reached my house I kissed him one more time, and said “I love you” once more.
I was searching around in my purse for my keys when he drove off, honking as he pulled out of my driveway. At that point, I knew that was not going to be the last time that I saw him. So, when I opened the front door, I saw my dad. But this was so different and I knew something was way wrong.
As I rushed over to him, there were marks all over him, mostly his neck. There was a rope like thing hanging from the ceiling, and he was dead beat cold. As a reaction, I ran to the phone and called 911. I just sat in the corner, in the worst possible condition ever. I had my head in my palms, which were in between my knees, sobbing like there was no damn tomorrow. Tonight was the Final goodbye, to my father. The one man I thought wouldn’t do this to me when I needed him most.

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