November 27, 2009
By NoLastGoodbye BRONZE, Damn, Missouri
NoLastGoodbye BRONZE, Damn, Missouri
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Im out of this world, you try to be me all you are is just a stupid poser.

Beep... Beep... Beep... I can hear everything. but i can see anything. i cant open my eyes. i heard my moms cry when she found me... somewhere. i heard my best friends gasp as he saw me... in this unknown place. i felt his kisses on my face. im holding onto a rope and trying to climb back up but all i do is fall. He grabs my hand and i have the strangth to pull. the closer i get the brighter it get, until finaly i come into the light. Its bright. I can see shadows. i can see the people i love. My eyelids are so heavy i dont have the streangth to lift them. My throught is dry so it hurts to speak, but i managed to croak out "Jason?" next thing i know i have hands around mine and and the doctors hovering over my face getting me what i need. "where am i?" Mom explaines to me how Jason and i got into a car accident. My mind goes racing twords little Samual. My hands couldnt get to my stomic fast enough. somehow even before i touched my stomic i knew Samual Laurance Parker was gone. But i still had a little sliver of hope he would still be there. He wasnt. Tears leaked out of my eyes. Jason picked me up holding me tight. Even if the Samual was Steaphens i didnt count steaphen as the father. It was forced. I was raped two times buy my teacher from school Mr. Steaphen Carter. Samual was only in my belly for 5 months and when i told jason what had happened he held me kissed me and told me everything was going to be okay. Mr. Carter was in jail and the baby was going to look just like me. But Samual is gone. we will never know if he would have been a little Steaphen or a little me. A little Jasmine.

The author's comments:
I was bored and emailing my friend. i know things are mispeled but i suck a spelling so suck it up. please comment

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