A Wish for Him

November 26, 2009
By Armando BRONZE, Grand Island, Nebraska
Armando BRONZE, Grand Island, Nebraska
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Imagine doing that everyday of your life?! My cousin Ernesto has a problem with drugs. Hes been using drugs for a couple of years. I actuelly dont remmeber him, but i remenber meeting him once. His mom and everyone close to him, has told him that drugs arent going to get him anywhere except death! He has been to rehab several times, but none of that has worked. When my mom traveled to mexico for a couple of months. She told me that he has always had big problem with quiting. When she would walk on the streets, she would see him laying on a curve all dirty and hopeless and high. When she saw him she didnt bother helping him. Because he'll go back to the same thing! His mom has been sick with cancer and had been close to death many times, doctors cant really do anything to help. Thats what they tell her, before he started getting into drugs, he had a good job and got paid well. He dressed with nice clothes. Then he started to work in a car shop and choose bad friends. These friends dragged him into this lifestyle. My wish would be for my cousin to understand that whats he's doing is marking his life the way hes going is the time hes wasting in his life!

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