I feel So Real

October 29, 2009
By romowriter BRONZE, Newbury Park, California
romowriter BRONZE, Newbury Park, California
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The only truth that exists is the truth that you accept (?????)

I feel so real sometimes. don't think that being real is a good thing, because it isn't. Real people have problems, real people have vulnerability and are prone to corruption of mind and self. when i listen to music, when i write, when i read, i feel unreal. If i create John, and give John the ability to fly and be invisible, who will dispute me? in the world where i am regime, where i am supreme, who will argue against my will. if i say John is short and weak but virtuous, no person can tell me otherwise, because i can simply write up security and be rid of the factious citizens of my mind. never try to escape the present world humans live in, because escape is impossible, rather, change the world you're living in. when i write, people will read and be changed, statistics guarantee me that fact. i am not escaping the world, i am shifting the definitions of reality to suit my purposes. my purposes for writing, thinking, and acting. my body type will never allow me naturally put on more than a certain amount of muscle mass, yet that rule will never impair the fact that i can think at levels above most adults. don't be real, don't be limited,and don't enslave yourselves to the world. make the world change so that you can be regime of all that you desire in life. the sky isn't the limit, because the sky is only a few thousand miles upwards, the limit is destroyed. reality is destroyed, once your mind can accept that concept as an actuality, rebuild the reality. i have not been able to do so yet, i am still a bond slave to the reality that limits me. try to break the chain, and tell me how to break out of my prison. that is, if you're not to busy enjoying your liberty and power.

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece after sitting down on a chair. it is really rough, the ideas flow but the organization is sloppy. like Hemingway said, i just sat down at the keyboard and bled.

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