October 29, 2009
By Adam kohlhepp BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
Adam kohlhepp BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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Josh was had gotten used to it already. The restless nights and the sleepy days had become a part of him. The sleeping pills weren’t working at all and he was starting to feel their side effects. His stomach was constantly hurting and his head felt like it was going to explode. Why he couldn’t sleep was a mystery to him. It was also a mystery to his parents who constantly worried over his “well being”. Josh had heard their late night phone calls to his doctor. He had heard his mother complaining, “he’s still not normal”. He used to dread the visits with his doctor, the prodding psycho evaluations, and that annoying little voice his doctor had. He knew he could do little about any of it though. Josh came form a privileged family. With overbearing parents and two older, successful, siblings, Josh had to work very hard in school. His trouble sleeping during the last few months had not been helping.

Walking to school one day Josh suddenly felt a soft tingling in his head. The tingling was like nothing he had ever felt before. Suddenly like nothing really happened he was gone. It felt like a second, a warm blinding flash. He sat up from the ground light headed, not knowing what just happened. He was on the floor of his room. “Whew just a dream” but something wasn’t right. Josh sat up and looked down. He had his back pack and school uniform on

The author's comments:
Nothing really inspired me to write this. It was just an idea that I thought would make a good story.

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