A Sudden Falling of an Angel

October 29, 2009
By all_that_is_left BRONZE, Calgary, Other
all_that_is_left BRONZE, Calgary, Other
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She was standing at the top barefoot, cold, and afraid. All the tremors in her body came from the screaming winds, and the cool thoughts I her head. She put one foot forward, fear struck every bone in her body like a thousand blades, she put the other foot forward, the damp rocks stabbed her feet, and she put both her feet together, as the wind tried over and over to knock her down. Having never done this before, jumping head first into cold, unknown waters, with nobody there, nobody there to help her if she didn’t make it.

The gray waters beat upon the cold rocks that caged it in, and the waters stared at her, like hell laughing her in the face. The wind wanted her to jump, it inched her closer and closer, its fists pressing against her back. All her thoughts running through her mind: how deep is it, how far will I go, how strong is it, what is going to happen? With all of these thoughts racing through her mind, with all the things that could go wrong, and with all the things telling her no, she listened to the wind, and jumped.

She fell through the air gracefully, like a falling angel, like all her fear had fled her body. She could soar like an eagle, her dress her wings, her eyes seeing all, but there was no sunlight to make her shine. Time slowed down as she fell. She hit the water.

The current dragged her lower, and lower, it puller her, wrapping its arms around her. As she let out the last of her air, the bubbles flew to the top, and she could see the sun peaking over the clouds.

She was standing at the top, barefoot, cold and alone, and now she is being caged by the angered waters. Thrusting her against the walls that caged it, and she is afraid.
This will certify that the above work is completely original, Jessika Saks.

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