Stalker in the night

October 29, 2009
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The darkness is closing around me. I can feel the cod hateful eyes of my pursuer. They are burning holes through me. I run painfully through the dark shadowed woods. The canopy holds all the light for itself. The thing that is pursuing me is fast. I can hear it slowly creeping up on the fast pace that I have set. Its bones click and crack like it has to dislodge them to move. The sick creak of the slow painful movements that stalk me. The Creature is faster than I thought it would have been. Oh and the smell of its sick disintegrating face and the blood, so much blood. Hauntingly it is there closing in on me.

It is behind me now its breath hot on my cool skin. My adrenaline pumping and I am ready to fight for my life. As if I have any other choice I turn around and face my stalker. She stands up for I had not noticed that she had been on her hands and feet. She looks me in the eyes and smiles a cruel twisted smile. Her skin is peeling off. In some places you can see bone. Her eye sockets show the bone to me. I hear her words but I am not sure what they mean. My heart is beating so fast at the inevitable death that is in store. I start to comprehend what she is saying it sounds like “I won’t hurt you” in a sinister voice. She twisted her head around in a 360 motion then added in the same voice “I just want to play hahahaha”

The grotesqueness of her ability to be crazy scary and somehow draw me in surprised me. I was intrigued by her and wanted to know what happened to her. I refrained from that idea knowing that I would die with the answer, and I rather just wonder while I am alive. I slowly backed away I had not noticed it before but, the stench reminating from the dead killer contortionist was horrible. I had to try so hard not to vomit. The run hit me all at once; I took a deep breath after I realized I had been taking short almost nonexistent breathes.

I back away about three feet then at the right moment I turn and run. She of course starts to undoubtedly chase me again. Though I do not turn around and check to see if she is there. The ominous bones cracking are a dead giveaway. I have an advantage though, because I know these woods because they are the woods that I grew up in. Lie the back of my hand I know them. So I know that there is a huge ditch ahead, and if I slow down and let her catch up then take off again she will fall into the ditch. So as I run I see the tree that has one half missing that tells me where the ditch is. As my plan went I slow down let her catch up a little then I sprint to the other half of the tree that lies across the ditch. As if she had no clue what was happening she fell. This was my break I ran.

The woods spread through to let the moon get through. I see my house, and far in the background I hear the eerie noise of the bones somewhere behind me. I run to the house the place that I know that there are weapons to at least try to protect myself. The demonic creature is close as I shut the door behind me. I go in and as luck would have it we happen to have a samari sword hanging on our living room wall. So I grab it and go out the opposite door I came in. I heard her going through the house trying to find me, only to be disappointed not to find me. Then she found the door. I heard the creak and crack as she went through the door. There was a short pause as she headed out the door. Then she saw me and got down and took off for me. She of course has not seen my sword that I harbor behind my back from her. As sh charges In her dislodging the bones slow choppy movement way I struck. The sword pierces her arm. Even for being dead she lets out an unearthly yelp. It sounded like the howl of a banshee coming to eat my soul. I am sure if I gave her the chance she would eat my soul. That chance I will not let come. So I struck again, as she stood I stabbed her in the upper right shoulder. She kneeled over this time in silence. As she did this I knew that there was only one way I would be rid of this nightmarish creature. That was to cut off her head. That is what I did, but when I did I was surprised to find that a fine dust just fell out, and before my eyes my living nightmare vanished.

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