November 18, 2009
My name is Ashley Martin. I am sixteen years old. I have medium length, brown hair and blue eyes. I have a boyfriend and his name is Nate Smith. He is nineteen years old. He has short, brown hair, blue eyes and he is deaf.
Nate accuses me of cheating on him with another guy. He doesn’t understand that I have guy friends just as well as he has girl friends.
September 21, 2009 was nine months for Nate and I. He came over my house on this day and we were spending time together.
Well at that instant, one of my friends named Drew texted me. While I was texting him back, Nate happened to see the name and he flipped out.
I was explaining to him that Drew was just one of my good friends and there is nothing going on between Drew and I.
Nate believed me; well at least I thought he did.
Nate went home around eight o’clock.
Nate and I always text and I could tell by the way he was texting that something was wrong with him. He was making all of his texts short.
I ask him “What’s wrong with you?”
Nate responded with “Nothing babe, why?”
“Nate, don’t lie to me! I know when something is wrong with you. So what’s wrong with you?”
“Well, ok. I’m just worried about that Drew guy you were texting earlier today when I was at your house.”
“I thought I already explained this to you. There is nothing going on between Drew and I.”
“Ok, but why is he texting you?”
“Because he is my friend. I know you have girls’ text you but I don’t flip out. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’m not cheating on you and I never will.”
“Ok babe, what you doing?”
When he sent that message I wasn’t in my room because I went and talked to my aunt Karen. I told her what was going on with Nate and I and she told me how to handle the situation.
When I got back to my room, I had three text messages from Nate.
The first one said “You there babe?”
The second one said “Yo.”
The third one said “Why ain’t you texting back? Are you texting that Drew kid?”
So I finally text him back saying “Look, you are going to have to give me time. I was talking to Karen.”
He said “Okay.”
I respond with saying “I’m sick of you accusing me. I know a guy texted me, but my Lord he is a friend. You are going to have to get over it or we won’t work out because I can’t stand to be accused and I am not even doing anything wrong. It’s your decision. What do you want to do?”
I think I made Nate worried because he responded back with “No babe, I’m sorry. I love you and I want us to be together forever. The only fear I have is losing you. Things are going to work out; I know they are. I’m not going to accuse you anymore because I know you’re not cheating on me. Sorry, I just got worried. I love you.”
“Ok good. I love you too. You have one more chance. Nate, I don’t want to be in a relationship when there isn’t any trust. I trust you; why can’t you trust me?”
“I do trust you. I just worry about me losing you or you getting feelings for another guy because I am deaf.”
“Don’t ever say that! I love you and that’s all that matters. Don’t think just because you are deaf, my feelings will change for you. I’m glad we found each other. If I wouldn’t have ever found you I would probably still be hopping from one guy to the next, but you, you’re different than any guy I have met. You’re the one I want to be with. I feel like my world is complete when I am with you.”
“Aww ok babe. You are the only girl that has ever told me that and I know you mean it.”
From then on out, Nate never accused me anymore because that is the first time I told him how I truly felt about him and I felt more comfortable talking to him and being around him. I always felt safe.
Now all you girls out there that are scared to tell you boyfriend how you feel about him because you think he will make fun of you or think you are silly. Well, I’ve got news for you, I was in the shoes you are in now. I have been with Nate for 9 months and I just now got the guts to tell him how I felt.
So I told him.
Everything turned out good. I’m not saying that it will always turn out good because you might have to tell your boyfriend that you don’t really like him or you felt sorry for him. I don’t know what your true feelings are for your boyfriend, but I can say that if the news is bad news just tell him anyways because you don’t need to be dragging him on. He will get over it and move on with his life.
Need advice on how to tell him how you feel? Talk to someone, anybody; friend, cousin, aunt, uncle, mama, daddy, sister, brother, whoever, as long as they can help you get your point across.

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xoxo_ducky_xd said...
Dec. 26, 2009 at 8:07 pm
heey nick article! i'm dating a kid named nathan, hes 18 and acts the same way. it was eleven months on christmas eve for me, and i had the same problem with my boyfriend. but talking to them and telling them straight helps alot. guys i think in general are just very jealous. but anyways i like how you wrote this, it really helps to explain it.
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