Is It Fate?

December 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Hi! I'm Angela, 16 years old in high school. My parent did when i was little, i have a little sister. My sister die 1 year ago from cancer. One after another person in my family leave me back behind,waking on this road all alone. It felt very lonely. Keep on looking for someone to help me get out of this loneliness, but no one there.

Well like other kid, i go to school like normally. Life is very rough all this years, but i have to stand up straight and fight on my own. For girl at my age enjoying there life, looking for a prince to come. I would love to sit there dreaming about my prince. Like Cinderella her prince came and they live happy ever after.

BAM! BAM! I heard.
"Wake up class is over," Amy yell out.

Huh? Amy my best friend, she beautiful, nice and the sweetest girl in school. Me huh? A normal looking girl, not even close to normal.
"Want to go to karaoke tonight Angel?" Amy ask.
"No, Thank You," I reply in a sleep voice,” I got work tonight."
"You need to enjoy life old woman," Amy said in a playful voice.

"You even Call me old lady," I said,” well I’m off, cya tomorrow."

On the way to work I bump into a playboy.

Someone Behind me yell out, "Hey girl say sorry."
I just ignore it.
"Hey the girl with school uniform, poor girl, poor people have no manner these day," the guy yell out.

I got mad and went to him, punch him in his face, kick him into he cant move anymore. Sad I only can think of it, but can't beat him up.

I went to him and said sorry.
Such a bad luck today right? Well the day almost over with. When i got home, there were a new neighbor moving in. I was thinking come and greet them, but into i was that dude on the street i turn back and about into my house.

"So u live here, isn’t you that poor girl on the street, well I'm Danny, you," a guy voice said.

I just ignore it and walk into my house.

Ring Ring! My arm ring. Today is a new day new start. When I got to school, there rumor saying there new transfer student. I didn’t care about it into I got to class.

The teacher was introducing the new student, “ everyone this is Danny.”

I look up it was him. I put my head down.

“Hi, is this fate,” Danny said.

The author's comments:
Will Angela life change? Is Danny her prince or Danny going to make her life more horrible?
sorry cant finish all, comment if u want me to continue. This story I make it up by myself.

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on Jan. 16 2011 at 10:43 am
BrownEyedGirl GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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it was okay.  It would have been better if you finished some of the sentences.

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