Caution! TV is bad.

November 25, 2009
Julia was the star player of her soccer team, only 17 years old. All the girls knew her as the girl who never wore makeup and always worked out. She had a zealous attitude for soccer, and was never a phlegmatic teenager. Julia’s sanguine approach towards college gave her opportunities that the other players did not have.

“After the game, do you want to come over and hang out?” Amanda, Julia’s best friend, was opposite of her. She was never caught without makeup on, and was naturally athletic. As the most popular girl on the team, Julia felt honored to be her friend.

“Yeah! For sure. Let me go grab my bag.” Julia ran to the bench to gather her belongings and met Amanda at her car. “What do you want to do?”

“Well, I know it sounds kind of boring, but I recently got hooked on this new show. Do you want to watch it? It’s called Grey’s Anatomy.”

“Alright, sure. Is it about like brains and stuff?” Julia felt like she garbled the meaning of the title, since a show about brains didn’t seem like it would catch Amanda’s attention.

“Kinda. It’s about doctors and the drama that goes on in the hospital. It’s so interesting, I feel coerced to watch it every day!”

Julia and Amanda went down to the basement where the big screen TV was set up. Amanda went to her DVR list and clicked on Grey’s Anatomy. There were six new episodes that she needed to catch up on, each lasting an hour. This fact corroborated the statistic that the average amount of time in a day that a TV is on in the United States is six hours and forty-five minutes.
After a few episodes, Julia was inundated with interest. The show was very comprehensive with sexual relationships between doctors, and had a poignant message for children yet, after fruitless attempts, Julia could not stop watching it. She was hooked!
The next day, she showed up at soccer practice with makeup on. All of her friends came up to her and asked why she looked different.
“Grey’s Anatomy got me thinking. I realized that I’m not very pretty without makeup, and I don’t think I will ever have a relationship if I don’t wear it.” Her friends could not believe what change this show had brought about to Julia. Not only did it remove her sanguine attitude towards life, but also her zealous spirit for soccer. Her friends were very worried that Grey’s Anatomy made a permanent negative effect on her life.

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