Devil Spawn

November 25, 2009
Hell found me. In the depths of its flames, and in the heart of its fiery burn, it found me, Elizabeth Marie. I sat in the corner of the dark despairing room, waiting to be asked to stand by the Devil himself. Blood dripping from my face, sweat dripping from my hands, and tears streaming out of my blue eyes. No one took interest in me, they were all too busy serving the King. “Help me!” I’d scream out to them, “Help me, I need someone!” They’d turn around, stare for a moment, then turn away. After all, my life was insignificant compared to that of the Devil’s.

I struggled to get to my feet, my legs shivering beneath me. I could hardly breath the smoke filled air that engulfed the room. The sweat burned my eyes, even though constant tears washed them out the pain was still almost unbearable. My head pressed against the flaming wall, leading my face to catch fire, my skin peeled away slowly until water poured from above. My Father stood over me with a bucket in hand, “Stupid child, you need to learn how to take care of yourself.” I fell again, not wanting to upset him further. “Oh Father, I’m sorry.” Everything was spinning, turning the room upside down. The Devil’s cackle was uproarious, my Father’s voice despairing, and my own sobs faded into acceptance.

“Stand my child for I need to have a word with you, though it will not be pleasant, and your body shouldn’t be spared. Even if you are a child, your fate lies in the hands of your Mother, and she as we all know is no where to be found. So if I do see this correctly, if you are Motherless, I become your ‘Mommy’ for she sold her soul to me the day she conceived you. She begged for a child, and swore to do anything to receive you, so I granted her the most ‘amazing gift’ any Woman can receive. A new born baby girl, quiet, well behaved, mannerly, intelligent, and above all obedient. Let’s test this obedience of yours child. Will you not walk with me tonight, and tell me about how you plan to live your life? Tell me how you wish for kin to call your own? Or will you lye to me, tell me you wish for no future, tell me death come as it may, you’d be happy to say you’ve lived your life, and death may sweep you off into the heavens or even land you to be damned to eternal hell along with your Father.” I took in his words, not wanting to misinterpret them, then responded smoothly, “I want children of my own Sir, I want to continue to live my life, but if you must take it fine. I shall not object to your haste. I know you have other things to attend to.”

He gazed at me with his piercing red eyes, his lips clasped over his razor sharp teeth, slicing his upper and lower lip into two pieces. Blood poured out of his mouth, and ghouls, and ghosts, and goblins surrounded him, “Honey, I do believe you’ve just earned yourself a one way ticket to Hell.” He swung his arms forward to tell them to attack. I slid deep into my corner and prayed, “Dear Lord, take me away to Heaven to accompany Mother. I do not wish to upset thee, but if thou could save me, I’d be forever in thy debt. Amen.”

I opened my eyes only to see a pair staring back at me. The red eyes of a murderer were right in front of me, leaving me gasping for air. “Come out, come out, come on Elizabeth, come and play with me.” His tone frightened me, my own Father was bent on killing me, getting my cold blood on his hands, and disposing of my hard flesh by feeding it to the Devil’s dogs. His hand gripped around my leg, “Come with me Elizabeth, leave your Mother’s thoughts behind. Her blood is still stained on my hands, yours will be too soon enough. Come with me Dear.” I kicked, and screamed to no avail, my fate was sealed, I would die in Hell.

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