Monkey See Monkey Do

November 25, 2009
By nickszal BRONZE, Lisbon, Wisconsin
nickszal BRONZE, Lisbon, Wisconsin
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Each morning I open my eyes to my troop climbing up the tree and swinging on the branches. My little nefarious brother, Brian likes to leave his banana peals lying around my branch so I slip and fall. My mother yells at him for it but he never seems to listen. I’ve been trying to scrutinize the surroundings to not fall for Brians tricks.

Monday through Saturday I work picking bananas and finding palm leaves for our fort. My father has a malady called green monkey disease which enables him to work. This puts double duty on my part. I advocate for having Brian come work with me so I’m not vexatious. But it never happens. My parents make sure I get up every morning, make sure I eat and clean up. They always make sure I do the right things and have amicable friends. Now that I’m older they give me more responsibility. I get to stay out later with friends and make more of my own decisions. But I always solicit for having friends and I go run off at night to climb trees.

My grandparents think Brian is ineffectual because of his laziness and his kniving tricks. They always yell at my parents to make him work to help the troop. Brian always gets out of it and plays his astute tricks on me so I get mad. I’m always the one to get yelled at because Brian and I get into a fight every time he tricks me. Yet everybody in our troop thinks I am going to be the new leader in time. I think Brian plays his tricks on me because he is jealous. That’s why my parents don’t make him work and treat him as “the favorite.”

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A homework assignment for school.

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