The Lone Wolf

November 25, 2009
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Edgar, the wolf that was all lined up to be alpha male. That’s what everyone in the pack knew me as. They also knew my younger brother Setzer, he looked up to me, and I did my best to be the best big brother around. I always tried to teach him wrong from right, and to help him be the finest wolf he could possibly be. Then there was Celes, the one I would do anything for, she stole my heart years ago, when we were just cubs, and she’s had it ever since then. Then everything took a turn for the worse. I mean, a year ago, I had everything I could have ever asked for. I was the pack-leader’s eldest son, food was plentiful and I had the girl of my dreams. Life was good. But that was then. Nowadays, I spend my time roaming around in a solitary attempt at survival, a “lone wolf” if you will. You’re probably wondering what happened, why I’m all alone out here. Do me a favor, don’t wonder, I’m not looking for your sympathy or anyone else’s for that matter. All you need to know is that this is the way things are, and I’ll be fine if they’re this way forever. My home is wherever I decide to lay my head, although I guess I prefer the forest more than anything. It always feels so empty, there’s not much around to bother me, except for the occasional singing bird, and the little critters on the ground scurrying around the colorful yet dying leaves that liter the forest floor. I love it here, its worlds apart from what I was used to, but I’ve honestly grown to love it.
Lately things have been a little weird though, I feel like I’m being watched…followed. You know, that feeling you get when you know you’re not alone. On one of those particular days, I noticed my heart beating a bit faster than usual; I guess I might have been scared. Angry with myself over this non-manly display of cowardice, I decided to catch whatever might have been following me. I ran five steps, counting the sound of the leaves crunching beneath my paws. After a sudden stop, I heard a 6th step. Immediately I pounced into the bushes, and found myself pinning down a beautiful she-wolf. “Celes?!....what are you doing here?” I yelled, knots forming in my stomach. She looked shocked “It’s really you, they said you…” “I know what they said” I interrupted “And it’s not true. Setzer set me up. Tell me you didn’t believe the lies” “I…I didn’t know what to believe” she said. “So you think I killed my own father? Are you nuts? I thought of all people, you would have believed in me.” How could she be so stupid? “Then tell me what really happened” she demanded. I didn’t feel like telling the story, she had already ticked me off enough. “Fine, A year ago, dad and I went out hunting with some other males in the pack, Setzer said he hurt his leg a few days prior, and that he couldn’t come. While out in the woods, dad and I got separated from each other. After searching for him a little while, I found his lifeless and bloody body at the riverbank I ran off to go find help, but just as I took off, the rest of the pack arrives, and sees me running away from my father’s dead body. After returning to the pack later on that evening, they accused me of murdering my dad to take his throne, and ran me away from the pack, threatening to kill me if I ever returned. And now here I am, being followed by the girl I used to love, happy now?” she looked devastated, but who cares? “Used to love?” she asked, wide eyed and mouth agape. “The past is the past Celes, and I’ve moved on, and you should too.” I told her, slowly beginning to walk away. “Fine, forget about you and I Edgar, but what about the pack? What about Setzer?” she yelled. “What about em’? You win some you lose some Celes, let it go.” I shouted back. “Edgar you have to fix this, you have to make things right” she screamed, almost in desperation. “I don’t have to do any-thing” I said, as I walked away for the last time.

Edgar the heartless murderer. That’s what everyone in the pack knew me as, and that’s all they would ever know.

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