November 17, 2009
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Oh God! What’s with this girl and hurting my mouth? This time it really hurt. Mmm, maybe this is time to call the vet and get him to check my mouth people! Can’t you see I get more sensitive by the day?!
Ooops, sorry didn’t see you there! Oh, come on don’t look at me like that! Yes, I am a horse; yes, I can speak mentally to you!
Anyway, bet you are wondering what that was all about. My name is Exceptional, and I am a five year-old gelding. The reason for my name is my conformation, apparently to my trainer I am the perfect jump horse. One little catch there though, he says that mentally I am a zero. Hahaha, this though makes me laugh. First, I am perfectly aware of what I am doing. Second, I never mean any harm, and third, of course I feel to him like a mental zero. I mean with his butt on my back, who wouldn’t! You see, a horse can’t see a human on its back, so we rely on the energy they send us, therefore a human like him on my back is not good.
Sure, I’m a young horse and I like to run around every once in a while, but that’s what Mondays are for! Those days I like to run, jump and buck around, like the truly free spirit I am. Like they say: A horses true spirit is never taken from him, it is only subdued to be able to work to a human’s will. I live by that saying, and believe that it is true, but in the end some horses, like myself, enjoy a human’s comforting company.
Otherwise though, I’m a perfectly calm horse, I mean my owner is only 16 years-old and feather light. Sure she pulls on my mouth and stuff, but I adore her! I would rather die of colic, before doing anything intentionally to hurt her. Most of all, she’s always been the one to defend me, even when my trainer insisted she get rid of me, she screamed back at him, telling him every single thing she thought about him. Geez! That was a scary day! To tell you the truth I believe she was PMS-ing, but who cares, I’m still here thanks to whatever it was and her of course! Oh, good, here comes my vet with my owner!

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