Another year of highscool: Chapter 1

November 16, 2009
I stared at my science quiz and sighed. I was never good at science, never understood the point in learning it.
“Hey, Amanda, what’d you get?” Lenard asked. He was my only friend here, and a total geek. His large, thick glasses were always sliding down his nose. His smile was full of braces and had the only sweater vest in the school. His pants were always to his belly button, probably higher.
“Oh, why do you bother asking? You know the answer. Sometimes I think you do this on purpose to make yourself feel good.” I teased. Yeah he was a geek, but if this was my first step in completing my mission, then he was good enough.
“Well, I keep hoping that you’ll use my study strategies to bring this grade up. Right now, I’m surprised that you’ve managed to get a low D. What questions did you get right?” He asked, staring at the grade over my shoulder.
“Well, number one, number three and number six.” I replied.
“Are you kidding me? You had to give the atom number! Come on, Amanda, you’ve got to try. You’re the only person I know that has all A’s and one F.”
“I’m the only person you know.” We laughed. Shortly after that, the bell rang and we were released into the halls. While walking out, I tripped on someone’s shoe and reached for anything I could grab to help. Falling on my face, I looked up to see that I had pulled Jessica’s hair. I gasped; her hair was now ruined, no longer big and fluffy, but flat and curly.
“Look what you did!” She screamed. Jessica was known for the biggest hair and brightest clothing in school. No geek was supposed to make eye contact with Jessica, much less touch her.
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, it was by accident.” I heard some giggling behind my back. They had planned this, great. I was already failing my mission.
“Accident, you think I’m going to believe you did that on accident? How dare you touch my hair! You will pay for this Amanda Hansen!” She yelled as she walked away angrily. Lenard reached his hand out and I grabbed it.
“Thanks.” I mumbled. He stared warily at me for a minute, before saying, “I know just the thing that will cheer you up.” He was smiling to himself. What could it be? He dragged me through the halls and outside the school.
“What are you doing? We’re going to be late for class.” I took a minute for me to gasp and realize what he was doing. “You’re ditching!” He simply smiled and walked me to his car. Even though everyone hated Lenard and always pushed him around, they were absolutely jealous of his car. It was a red corvette with red rims. It always drove smoothly and the windshield was always clean. No one took better care of their car than Anthony. He opened the passenger door for me and I hopped in. Where would he take me? He was obviously trying to impress me, by showing me that he could do anything and not be afraid. He sat in the driver’s seat and gripped that steering wheel. I noticed how he seemed extremely nervous.

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