Part I: Life of the Trombone Playing, Freshman Girl, Band Geek

November 16, 2009
My first semester of high school is almost over. It’s gone by faster than I expected. I was walking through the halls of H.B. Washington High like any other day when I caught the eye of a guy who appeared to be lost. I walked over to him as he stared at his schedule quizzically.
“First day here, huh?” I said trying to help him out.
“How’d you guess? Was it my schedule or the map?” He asked.
“Both,” I said, “What class do you have? I know I’m only a freshman, but maybe I can help.”
“I have Math I with Ms. Carrillo,” he said.
“Great, I know where that is!” I said, “Come on!”
“By the way, the name’s Haden,” he said.
Haden had short, buzzed blonde hair, and deep blue eyes.
“I’m Sam,” I replied, “Well, here we are.”
I entered the class room and walked up to Ms. Carrillo. “Who do we have here?” she asked.
“This is Haden. It’s his first day,” I replied.
“You have an open seat next to you right?” she asked.
“Yes,” I replied.
“He’ll sit next to you,” she said.
I sat down at my desk and showed Haden where to sit. “So, where are ya from?” I asked.
“Well, the last place my dad was located was Washington D.C.” he said, “but now he’s in Atlanta.”
“Are you an Army brat?” I asked.
“Yeah, are you?” he said
“No, you just said located and so I figured you were,” I replied.
“Could you look at my schedule and see if you have another classes with me?” he said handing me a paper.
“Sure,” I said reading the classes, “I have Ms. Sanderson next with you, and then I know where ROTC is because my last class is there. Hey, wait you have band first? Were you in there?”
“Yeah I have band. I play trombone. I wasn’t there this morning though,” he said.
“Class, quiet down! It’s time to begin today’s lesson!” Ms. Carrillo yelled.

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