A Troubled Girl

November 16, 2009
By Cheyenne1416 BRONZE, Grovecity, Ohio
Cheyenne1416 BRONZE, Grovecity, Ohio
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Amanda is a 16 year-old girl who seems to get in trouble a lot. She lives in Vinton County, Ohio with her mom, dad and five brothers. I’m Marie, 14 years old and Amanda’s step sister. We didn’t fight like sisters, so we just say we were best friends. Mom and dad moved Amanda up to Ohio because she got in too much trouble in Washington. The first time I heard of her, I thought to myself, “She is going to become daddy’s girl and I won’t be the only girl.”

Well that wasn’t so true; she wasn’t the type to be daddy’s girl unless she wanted something. But the day finally came and we met!

She said happily, “Hey! I’m Amanda!”

I told her with a smile, “Hi, I’m Marie. It’s great to finally meet you!”

After our introduction we just clicked and then we went upstairs to listen to music and play on the computer. Nothing separated us! Until…I got to know her more. Amanda was so great you wouldn’t even have a thought in your head to where she is bad. (Well at least that was my guess)

But I was wrong, my big sister, the one who I looked up to, the one who was always there for me. This girl that I call my best friend was a wh**e.

At first, I didn’t believe what she was saying. It was like I blocked it out because I thought she was a good girl. She looked to me and said shyly, “I know I act well to mom and dad but guys treat me like gold and I give them what they ask for.”

I look at her sadly and said, “But sis, they just want that. They don’t love you like your family does.”

Amanda yelled to me, “Marie, you don’t understand! They do love me! I know they do! I’ve been treated badly all my life and these guys they put me on top of the world. They care about me, they love me, and they buy and do anything for me!”

Through the tears in my eyes I said, “Amanda, you are messing your life up.”

After a tearful night I went to my grandma’s with my brother and I talked on the phone with Amanda the next day. To my surprise she was with a guy.

I told her, “You know we need to have a serious conversation.”

She said, in a rush, “Okay sis, when I get home I will call you and let you know to come over.”

For those couple hours I thought and wondered, “Is she okay? Does she use protection? What if she gets pregnant?!”

All those things filled my head. I was so worried. She then called and told me to come over. That was when our conversation began.

I explained to her that they don’t care about her and that she should straighten up. Then, just then, I actually looked into her eyes, what I saw was terrible! She was so pale, her eyes had a blank look to them, she had bruises and cuts everywhere on her and she could barley speak correctly. I was crying and hugging her and asked her if she was okay.

She turned to me and said, with her head down, “Marie, I have to change.”

I told her, “Everything will be okay. I’m always going to be here for you. You are my sister and I love you.”

But there was more for her to tell me. She began, “Everything isn’t okay though. You don’t understand! Marie, I’m pregnant!”

I looked at her in shock. There was nothing I could say to her besides, “Amanda, it will be okay.”

And to this 16 years old girl, saying that wasn’t enough.

The day finally came and she told mom and dad. They were more understanding than either of us thought. They helped her get all the care she needed. She knew that her family really did love her. She wanted me there with her when she gave birth. I was right by her side telling her, “It is okay, we’ll get through this together.”

She winked at me through all her pain and said, “Marie, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you.”

Well Amanda had her baby. She named her Annabelle, Anna for short. She kept her and treated her great. I helped her with everything she needed and she always said, “You’re truly my lifesaver!”

The author's comments:
This piece is not something that has happened in my life. But the thought of it happeing made me choose to write this. My step sister has been in much trouble and it inspired me to write this for her and now i'm sharing it on her to get other people's opinions.

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