Bloody Omaha

December 4, 2009
By br807 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
br807 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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All the men at bloody Omaha. Under heavy fire. Pined downed and taking heavy causalities. Men that are scared and want it to end. Bullets shells men falling all around. The water is full of blood. You were (were) part of the first wave. There are so few on the beach now. The second wave is coming and they too will meet a similar demise. Just sitting there trying to look dead. You lift your head up and there are dead men all over the beach. You see your buddy dead right in front of you. You think this war will get me soon but not yet. You try to help with the second and third wave but it is hopeless. More brave men die. Then you stand up and say we are going to die someday boys and if so here then we will die with honor. You run forward and all the men on the beach follow you. With all the men’s spirits high they charge up the slop with you. Many are cut down but many make it past the slope. You look back and see how many men are following you. You think wow all these men behind me nobody can stop us. After a couple of more hours the beach is taken. You sit back and relax. You look from the hill and see all the dead bodies on the beach and in the water. Thousands lying all over the beach. Many are your friends and brothers in arms. You think when this war is over I will tell the story here for all the dead and for the living who witnessed the massacre here.

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