Mr. Blank

October 27, 2009
By romowriter BRONZE, Newbury Park, California
romowriter BRONZE, Newbury Park, California
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The only truth that exists is the truth that you accept (?????)

I owe you nothing. I owe you not my honor nor my wisdom, all I owe you is my despise. Therefore, I owe you not my name. Call me Mr. Blank if you will, and you will because you are my slave. I am the man that gives charity to the rich, and steals from the poor. I

have murdered only once, and felt nothing of it, and still don’t. I have murdered you, your neighbor, and everyone else populating this planet. Oh, may this fruitful planet be blessed that I and my lone company of criminals may rob this planet of its resources. My criminals and I have killed not only you, but the generations about to be born of you and your people. We have watched humanity wail with tears of blood towards the sky and have only begun to laugh at the fruits of our labor. Among these continuously occurring crimes, my criminals and I have remained above your law. Why? Only because you and your people have allowed my criminals and I to do so. You gave us power, and superiority to everyone walking the face of this planet. I am above all because I have a PhD, because I am a millionaire, and because I own a company and a few oil rigs. I will die, as every human does, but worry not because my prodigies will be taught by yours. Your children and grandchildren will teach my legends how to be masters of this world. You have given my and my lineage ultimate supremacy over this planet, and I will act accordingly. Don’t try to fight it, because you’ll end up overthrowing the current regime. Do you actually believe absolute freedom is good for mankind? Just sit in your place, do your homework, your job, and go to sleep. Because freedom is right outside the door, and I know you’re to scared to open it.

The author's comments:
being good doesn't mean just being able to avoid doing bad things. being good is also about preventing bad things from happening. our government will not always be perfect, but when power shifts from the public to the bourgeoisie of the U.S., exercise your constitutional power to overthrow it should the government be too faulty to function as to benefit the common public. silence will only empower the criminals, whoever they may be.

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