A night to remember

October 23, 2009
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I care for one, I care for many, but do they dare do the same for me. I believe in many things the Wind blows because it wants to, Love is more than just a word, and Life has a reason for making your path the way it is even though it doesn’t seem so. My life lesson through this past, present, and future is Love. It is big, bigger then you think; it changed everything to my life to the life of others. I am forced to care by my soul and guilt. The funny thing is I haven’t started telling my story yet. A story that haunts my very mind and maybe it will haunt yours too.

The story starts late at night, outside with an eerie cold wind that rushes through the trees. I walk outside every night to stare at the moon no matter where I am I stare. I can’t help myself; the moon draws me to her/him like it wants me there for some strange reason. To watch as if I’m its protector from evil or the keepers of evil. A shiver crawls on my body telling me it is midnight. I always shiver when its midnight but this shiver was different. It came from a different sense, the feeling of a stare from a far away distance. I look to see where it is coming from. My eyes follow the road underneath my feet to appoint were I saw another pair of feet. My eyes travel up now. I see Italian shoes, black pants, white shirt with a black jacket, and then I see the face. It has no face it is to far away for me to see clearly. It starts to glide across rock and gravel road towards me. First I think okay I can ask what he is doing here and why, but the closer it came the faster it went. A train on the tracks, one direction, no break! I panic and I run as fast as I could. I had no idea where I was going but something was telling me to run. I glanced back to see that it is still running after me. I look forward thinking I need to hide somewhere. A shack at the corner of my eye caught my attention. The shack is surrounded by tall and bushy trees. If I run in the trees I can try to hide in shack were hopefully I will lose it. I made a sharp turn towards the shack. I jump and dodge the trees so I don’t have to stop. I finely made it the shack door flew open and dove in as if it is home base. I turn around and lock the door. The shack is old and looks as if a family of termites lived here. Holes and cracks were every where. I looked through one of holes to see if it left. It didn’t unlike a train it turned exactly were I turned and it had decreased its speed. It went through the trees the same way I did exactly the same, except quicker. When it came to the shack it stopped right in its tracks. It was far enough for me not to worry and close enough to finally see its face. It was pale and its face looked like a man but seemed more than a man. Brown hair and blue eyes and his ear seem to have a point. While I was looking at every detail of his face I failed to notice how close he was. Before I could step back his hand smashed through the door and ripped it off its hinges. I could not get up or move I was frozen with fear. He looked down at me with no facial expression. He reached down and grabbed my arm, pulled me out of the shack and then smiled. He bent his knees then jumped in the air but he did not come back down he just kept going with me in his hand. How is this possible? We flew until we reached on old abandoned house. It looked as if no one has been there for centuries. My feet landed on the creaky porch and so did his soon after. “We are here. Please come in.” his voice sounded content like there was nothing that can bother him, like my being there is a since of relief. He opens the door and raises his hand as a gesture of me entering. I enter knowing that there is no escape. There is no reason to escape because as soon as I turn around to run he will be there following and capturing me until I cooperate. Scared and unsure of what is going to happen and why I follow him into a room. There was a couch filled with dust and memories, a lamp that barely stands beside it, and a book case filled with spider webs and old books. I turn to face him, “Why have you brought me here? What do you want?” the question did not seem a surprise to him. “I have brought you here to give you your charge and to be together forever.” He smiled but it was no normal smile his teeth were too long and hungry. “What?” that was all I could say thoughts and questions rushed through my mind. I could not exactly think straight. “You shall care for this earth and these people whether you want to or not. I’ve stared from afar too long. I have risen from the darkness just to be with you.” “I don’t see how that is possible I think I would have felt someone staring. What do you I shall care for this earth and what charge?” “They say that love is an obsession you can’t have it until you still it from them.” “So you wish to still it from me even though I’m not sure what it is.” “I attend to steal you from yourself and the moon.” “You plan to steal the moon?”
“No, to steal you from the moon.” He seemed serious about this the moon and me. “I can’t belong to you, I shall never!” “You will and you shall care for this earth and destroy it because of it”
“No! I Won’t!” I backed away from him but a wall prevented me from going any further. “You will and one day you will understand” He brushed his hand on my cheek, and then he tilted my neck. I felt a sharp pain, serge of electricity through my body and the rest is fussy I can’t remember what happened after that. He told the truth though, Love is an obsession and I love all of you and care for you. The charge he was talking about is my victim. The one I take to diner, have nice chat, and care for and love until my hunger destroys my charge. I am sorry, so sorry. I should have never gone with him. Put all my power toward escaping now we are all domed even you.

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