My Hero

November 11, 2009
By courtneymegan012 BRONZE, Kent, Washington
courtneymegan012 BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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There are at least a few handfuls of fascinating unique people out there, but the hard part is just finding one. Lots of people think that you have to have certain traits to be a hero, but to me, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer to what a hero is. Many people might not have a very close hero, but I am a very lucky kid. My hero is one of the closest people in my life and I would never trade her for another. Her name is Kathy and she is my aunt who is always helping me seek my dreams. She is one of those “one-of-a-kind” women who would never let you down, someone who wouldn’t even on your life, break a promise, someone who has an astonishing style and would save the whole world if she could.

First of all, my Aunt has the most magnificent personality. She’s very spontaneous and loves doing things for others. Most of the time people wouldn’t think of the little things like picking up trash you see as you walk by on a regular street. Kathy is the complete opposite. For example, when we’re in a public restroom, there will always be a few used paper towels scattered around the trash can as if people tried to make the shot but completely missed and never picked it up to throw it away. My aunt will literally bend down, scoop them all up in her arms and throw them away. But what’s so astounding is that she doesn’t mind it at all. She doesn’t even show a hint of hesitation or frustration about it! In addition, I’ve also never seen her advance her voice in my life. Kathy has never really been angry or mad either. She just let’s you know when you’ve done something wrong in a very subtle hushed way because she knows everyone makes mistakes.

Also, another thing I enjoy about my aunt is her gorgeous self and appearance. The way she dresses is just stunning and breathtaking along with her beautiful looks. It adds to her personality wonderfully and helps her gleam while she’s in a room full of people. The thing about it is that she’s very down to earth and knows how to be herself. She decks out with what she adores and does it for her; including teaching me how to be myself and how to be enduring. She also teaches me to know that I’m better than what other people say. But what inspires me most about her is that even though she’s so beautiful, she has never been full of herself or ever came close to thinking she’s better than anyone. It’s just impossible for her to ever hurt anyone or go back on her word. Her style is just so unique, it’s all I ever look for when I’m out shopping. I always think to myself, “What would she be choosing?”

However, one of the most incredible, exquisite things about my aunt is the people she knows and grew up with. During her teen years, my Aunt spent a lot of her time with the band Mother Love Bone. This was when they played together in their garage before they became famous. She also dated their drummer Greg Gilmore for at least five years including Bruce Willis’s brother. Just because my aunt knows Greg Gilmore, he has been to one of her birthday parties and to my advantage, I had the great honor in meeting him. He was very charming and enjoyable to be around. Anyway, she still knows the members of Mother Love Bone who are now known as Pearl Jam. One of her closest friends from that band was the one that is not with us anymore which really brought her down. But other than that, she’s had Joann Jet sing to her, she’s met Citizen Cope, and has met many other famous people. But what’s also delightful is that she doesn’t go around flaunting it which is a huge trait I admire in her.

Overall, my aunt is very well known and loved by everyone that has met her. She’s someone to be trusted and someone who just cherishes giving to others. It’s probably her first priority in life and I love her more than anything. I know she is proud of me because she tells me so, but she always helps me move forward and keeps pushing me towards my dreams. I am also very proud of her for teaching me all that has helped me be who I am today and for all that she is. I’ve never met another person like my Aunt Kathy. She is one of those handfuls of people out there that are very rare to find and I would never let go of her for anyone else in the entire world. And this, this is why she is my hero.

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