See, You Lived

October 22, 2009
By cheacliatt SILVER, Martinez, Georgia
cheacliatt SILVER, Martinez, Georgia
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It wasn't raining that day we met. It wasn't even nighttime. This was unlike any expectation I've ever held in my heart. I blew out the flames of compassion when I met you, and I think it was then that I finally lost my innocence. Yet I didn't notice when you finally plucked that string from my soul. Isn't it funny though? That I didn't notice? I'm not blaming you, my dear, I'm just telling a joke.

And I think I'm the punchline.

We never danced either. You never asked me to dance. That was a first for a heartless creature. My life twirls by to soulless nights with romance heavy in the smokey air. Louis Armstrong singing in a raspy, harmonic tune that only people with the Blues could ever understand. And a shadow asked me to dance. And I said, "I cannot dance with Shadows, for I still have density." It walked out of my life with the rest of my sanity.

And I think I just laughed when that Happened.

They say true art comes from those who can't cope with reality. "They" are people I made up in my head. Countless figures without faces. That's how I see the world now, didn't you know? I see it through gray blobs and faceless angels. I walk through an endless gray-march. Almost being suffocated with their nothingness.

And they're all laughing at me.

Yet this doesn't provoke despair. Actually, it's far from it. This is growth, I believe. When you understand what kind of monster you truly are, that's when you can become a true hero. Not one of those ignorant beings that dream of fame and glory, but one that saves society from itself. And I won't stand by while you throw yourself away. I can still hold your hand. And we stare at each others empty husks.

And everyone will laugh, including myself, for I am The Comedian.

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