Her Ruined Dreams

November 10, 2009
By Ashers96 SILVER, Marion, Iowa
Ashers96 SILVER, Marion, Iowa
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“That’s going to be me someday.” She said firmly, pointing at the television. If only she knew.

“What do they have that I don’t?” She asked angrily, crossing her arms as she glared at the television. Money. I thought glumly. It didn’t escape my notice the way she sat up straighter and pushed her shoulders back more like the models on the television.

Sighing angrily she grabbed the remote and flipped the television off. Little did I know that this would be the last time we would sit here together.

That night she was walking through a bad part of town. A gun went off. People ran screaming. Down she went without notice. A drug deal gone bad they said.

Here I sat now, the next day, watching the news. Then her story came on.

“Late last night the popular drug lords…” The news lady started cheerfully, but I drifted off, lost in my own thoughts.

I couldn’t help but wonder what those ‘ popular drug lords’ were thinking at this time. Did they feel even a speck of remorse for the young woman, who had her own dreams and life set out before her, that was now lying dead?

“A young woman, Annette Carson was shot, instantly dead at the scene…” I tuned in in time to hear the news lady, who was starting to resemble a Barbie Doll, said in her cheerful voice. A picture of my sister flashed up onto the screen. Just her plain old high school yearbook picture. I knew if she were here she’d be complaining up a storm about it. I remember that day clearly. She had been shoved by a freshmen into someone holding a soda. It spilled all over her brand new shirt, soaking it. So she changed with me, and I hid and changed back when she was done. It was too small for her, so it made her look like all the other girls in the school who had worn little scraps of clothing.

But she wasn’t here. All the things she had ever wanted to do would never be done.

“In other news a super market was infested with rats recently. According to several customers, while they were shopping rats started swarming out of every surface and attacked them. Chaos caused the store to close down.” The Barbie look a like said in her over cheerful voice. I knew for a fact that if I had to read such sad news I would probably go crazy.

And there you have it. My sister, dead now, was just shown up by rats. I shook my head, the tears flowing freely now. Here I was, complaining for her because I knew she would never be able to do it herself.

Her five seconds of fame had come and gone now, her biggest dream, and she wasn’t even here to see it.

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