The Lottery

November 7, 2009
By SapphireBelle BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
SapphireBelle BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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“Hey Babe! You won’t believe what happened!” yelled Luke. “what happened?!” exclaimed Alysonn, Luke’s girlfriend. “I just won one million dollars!” exclaimed Luke. Alysonn dropped the Lasagna that the just cooked, fresh form the oven. “are you kidding?” asked
Alysonn in wonder. “no! look! The lotto numbers are exactly the same as mine! Look for yourself!” yelled Luke in excitement, thrusting the ticket in her face. “oh…my…gosh….” said Alysonn as she cupped her hand to her mouth. “Luke. you’re a millionaire!” exclaimed Alysonn as she embraced him.

“the first thing I want to purchase is that brand new Mercedes Benz!” exclaimed Luke the next day. “Luke, I think we should get a house, We’ve been living in this run down apartment home since our junior year in college.” suggested Alysonn “but-” Luke’s statement was interrupted by the glare Alysonn gave him. “Luke, don’t get greedy with this money. I saw a documentary about-” “oh my gosh Alysonn!” Luke interrupted “you’re always ;earning something when we’re not in School!” stated Luke. “look! This money is a great gift that we should not take for granted!” exclaimed Alysonn. Luke then stood for a moment, thinking. “you know what, you’re right ally. I’m sorry I was acting so Avaricious.” said Luke, reaching out to Alysonn to hold her. “promise…you won’t get carried away.” Alysonn whispered in his ear. “I promise” whispered Luke.

“We’ll take it!” exclaimed Luke, shaking the Realtor’s hand. “Luke, this house is beautiful, but we don’t need a house that is three stories tall, I was thinking more-”
“Ally!” said Luke, interrupting Alysonn. “you said we shouldn’t take this money for granted, and honestly babe, when could middle class people like us can afford such a palace!” said, Luke, expanding his arms to show the beauty of the mansion. “trust me on this babe.” said Luke. “ I guess…..” said Alysonn, looking down.

A few days later, the couple moved into the luxurious Mansion. “oh my gosh! Ally! Check out this Jacuzzi!” exclaimed Luke. “seems nice.” said Alysonn. “Ally, what’s wrong?” asked Luke. “I just have this feeling” said Alysonn, looking down. “come join me.” said Luke. “now?! Luke, I’m wearing my clothes!” exclaimed Alysonn. “And?…” said Luke. He grabbed her hand and pushed her into the Jacuzzi. “oh my gosh! Luke!” said Alysonn, Laughing. Luke smiled back. “what Luke?” Alysonn asked as she lay n arms. “my problem is that I love you so much Alysonn Nichole Ross.” said Luke. He then pulled out a tiny box, with an engagement ring hiding under the blue velvet box. Alysonn looked up at him. “will you-” “heck yes” said Alysonn, interrupting Luke. They both smiled and melted together in the Jacuzzi.
One night, Alysonn drove up the drive way to her house, and was surprised to see a lot of cars parked there. She then caught a glimpse of a Mercedes Benz. “oh no he didn’t!” exclaimed Alysonn. She stormed through the front door. “Luke!” Alysonn yelled. The music playing in the house was so loud, Alysonn couldn’t hear herself yell. There was people knocked down on the floor, drinking, wine bottles scattered on the floor, people smoking all kinds of things, and people just acting like idiots. “Luke!” yelled Alysonn again. She frantically searched the first two floors, with Luke no where to be seen. She then tried bathrooms on the last floor. The third floor was very quiet, compared to the first two floors. “Luke?” said Alysonn as she knocked on the door. She heard laughter coming form two girls. “Luke!” yelled ?Alysonn as she banged the door even harder. The door then creaked open, revealing only Luke’s Face. “Ally!” exclaimed Luke. “Luke! What is going on in there?!” exclaimed Alysonn. “aww nothing babe, I quit my job, since we can live off the million dollars.” said Luke. “Luke! I told you not to take this money for granted!” exclaimed Alysonn. “but babe-” “no Luke!” Alysonn interrupted. “I come home from working my butt off to find out that my fiancé was buying fancy cars and throwing a party!” yelled Alysonn. “babe-” “no!” interrupted Alysonn. “why do you smell like alcohol?! Have you been drinking again?!” yelled Alysonn. “babe let me-” “baby! Come back in the Jacuzzi! We miss you!” said a girl. Alysonn opened the door even wider, and saw two girls in the Jacuzzi. Alysonn raised an eyebrow. “well, why don’t you go back in ‘baby’?!” yelled Alysonn, “no babe you don’t understand” said Luke, reaching out for her hand. “no! don’t ‘babe’ me! You made you decision” said Alysonn. She pulled off her engagement ring and threw it on the marble floor. “I hope you’re happy” said Alysonn, with a single tear rolling down her cheek. She then trailed down the stairs. “no Alysonn please!” yelled Luke, running after her. “you promised” said Alysonn softly. “Alysonn I love you!” yelled Luke. Then all of a sudden, the mansion started to collapse. “Alysonn!” yelled Luke. “Luke!” yelled Alysonn. Then, with the blink of an eye, th stairs tumbled down with the mansion. “Alysonn!” yelled Luke, then, a piece of the roof fell on his head, and then blacked out.

Lucas woke up with a terrible pain in his head. “Aly…sonn?” he whispered as soon as he regained consciousness , he searched for Alysonn. “Alysonn!” yelled Luke. He looked under the rubble of the mansion, the he saw, the terrible truth.

“Alysonn…no…..!” said Luke. Alysonn’s lifeless body lay there before him. “No!” yelled Luke. He got on his knees and grabbed her hand. Inside her lifeless hand, was the engagement ring. “oh Alysonn! You were right! I’m so sorry. I love you I love you I love you.” he whispered to her hand. He then kissed her cold, lifeless lips. He then held her hand. “I’ll see you in heaven Alysonn.” whispered Luke. Luke grabbed a nearby sharp object, and pierced it through his heart. And both of the lifeless bodies laid together, hand in hand.

Luke’s and Alysonn’s parents both stood by their graves. “what a shame.” said Alysonn’s mother. “money killed our babies!” exclaimed Luke’s mother, as she collapsed into her husband’s arms like a falling tower. The cold wind moaned around the cemetery. Then, a lotto ticket blew by their parents’ feet. “let’s leave” Said Alysonn’s father. They all felt chills up their spines as the left the lonely cemetery.

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